Holiday Shopping is Your Therapy at the Goddess Sanctuary

Happy Friday! Holiday gift shopping can be quite stressful and energy draining, but not if you experience it the Goddess way. You will not want to shop anywhere else. Your shopping experience with us will not only be fun, but very therapeutic and soul-awakening. And if you are blessed, I may be there and treat you with some extra little wonderful surprises. Below are some recent photos to inspire you during this Holiday season. Try red and be bold for a change!

Katherine showing off a handmade boxwood and heather wreath we bought at the Campagna Center.

Gayela Bynum, Founder of We Will Survive Cancer has no problem being bold and glamourous and expressing her own personal style.

This Swarovski crystal heart neklace is our goddess signature. I never take it off. It keeps my light shining bright.

These modern day beauties in our red dresses at the Arts for Autism Fashion Show and Fundraiser 2017

Shopping is therapy and fun-filling!

Even the titans love shopping and spending time in our sanctuary.

Jeans and Jazz on the Potomac


Clear blue sky and wonderful view of the Lincoln Memorial.

I had so much fun this past Sunday evening spending quality time with some of my favorite goddesses and fans dancing the night away on the Potomac at Jeans and Jazz – On the Water benefiting We Will Survive Cancer. The music was good to dance to, the view was nice to look at, and the sunset was beautiful! Oh and the Belly Dancer,  Asala El-Masri, was gorgeous and seductive!

With my busy schedule and so many causes in Washington DC Area, I can’t give all my time away without making time for me. So I usually am selective about what events to attend and support. Jeans and Jazz on the Water will take place again next Summer and I hope to have you join me there.

Below are some photos from the event in case you are interested.

Gorgeous Persian Goddess Karen Sami is the heart behind this fun event with the cute bartenders!

I love these two goddesses! Gayela, on the right is the Founder of We Will Survive Cancer!

Karen, the goddess hostess loving life along with some of our fans.

It’s not a goddess photo unless a titan sneaks in.

Gorgeous goddess bombshells!

The Iphone 7plus is not so bad for night time.

She’s the Goddess of the Year


Gayela showing off her Shanghai-inspired look that we put together for her.

Have you heard the saying that “blondes have more fun”?  I’m beginning to think it’s true!  Especially for my dear friend Gayela Bynum, Founder and Chair of We Will Survive Cancer, who was recently honored as Copa Style Magazine’s 2016 “Woman of the Year.”

Gayela’s story is so inspiring to me, and familiar in many ways.  Not only is she a true feminine goddess with class and style, she is very open-minded, a great communicator, and super kind-hearted. She moved to the DC area in the early 1980’s from California, had a long-standing career with the Federal government, loves to host parties and fundraising events, and she even had her own fashion accessories business at one point in the 1990’s. Like me, her mother was her inspiration and role model. That is where she learned how to own her goddessly power and use it to her advantage for the good of others and to serve humanity.

In 2009, Gayela and friends founded We Will Survive Cancer, a nonprofit inspired by the warrior spirit of Michelle Bynum, her daughter in-law who passed away due to breast cancer. The organization assists patients and their families affected by cancer.  I’ve written before about this inspiring organization, and I’m proud that we can and have been able to support Gayela’s work.

Even though Gayela has suffered heartbreak and dissapointments over the years, she has never let that take away her warmth, her love, the light that surrounds her, and of course, her bold and sparkling sense of style. I love that she is never afraid to shine.  And although she is always polished and perfect, she doesn’t take herself too seriously – see the photos I took in our sanctuary below of Gayela showing off her blonde tresses!

I believe Gayela’s ambition and drive set a great example for young women.  I am proud to call her a good friend and fellow goddess fan.


Gayela in one of our dresses with her handsome titan son, Blaine.


She brings so much light when she enters the sanctuary.


Gayela’s latest book full of inspirational Cancer survivor stories available for sale in our sanctuary.