How I Cleared My Mind and Purified My Soul.

An hour in the sun a day makes all the different in my energy.

Is cleaning a part of your everyday life? For me, decluttering, organizing, beautifying, and tidying up my surroundings at work and at home are natural routines of my holistic lifestyle. Sometimes, I am a bit crazy about it and it has becomes almost an addiction where I cannot be in a space that does not awaken all my senses to the fullest. Cleaning is simply just part of living because if something is dirty, we must clean and disinfect it. We do a good job of cleaning our homes, our cars, our offices, our bodies regularly, but all those are just external activities. How often do we really take the time to do the same internally for our mind, body and spirit? Probably not often or even never.

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Still Mad About Men?

Model Jen and Alex in Goodwill Vintage
Model Jen and Alex in Goodwill Vintage

Now that Mad Men is ending and I know some of you fans out there are very sad, but I thought you would appreciate the looks in this post. They are a mixture of vintage dresses that we found at our local Washington DC Goodwill store and our goddess version of Mad Men inspiration. Have you put away your Winter clothes yet? For the things that you do not want to keep any longer, why not drop it off at your local Goodwill donation center and while you are there, browse through the racks and see what fun Vintage pieces you can find. And if you want looks that are more feminine, more sensual, more timeless, then you must visit our goddess sanctuary or shop online. Have fun with your Madmenalaria and make sure to share your photos on our fan page or email me.

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