Thanks for Making “Good As New” a Success!

What a wonderful night we had last Tuesday at the “Good As New” Spring trunk show benefiting Goodwill of Greater Washington at Epic Yoga DC.

Guests enjoyed socializing and going through the racks of gently used contemporary and vintage clothing from the local DC/NOVA Goodwill stores that my team and I pulled from.  Stay tuned for more photos in the next several days on my Facebook page.  And be sure to follow me on Instagram for pics on everything from fashion to travel to my favorites foods to everything that life is about!  xoxo, tu-anh

 2014-04-25 08.14.06  CAPTION HERE
 2014-04-25 08.13.02  CAPTION HERE
2014-04-25 08.14.25
photo 2014-05-01 09.41.59

Paint the Town Red!

As you know, I think you should always have fresh red flowers by your bedside, along with red pillows and candles.  It’s the secret to keeping your bedroom inviting and exciting for passionate love-making and attracting romance, but at the same time calming and clean to promote a good night’s sleep.

But red at the moment is also a great color to add to your wardrobe and make your mark around town!  It denotes power, authority, and fearlessness, as well as gives off sex appeal, for both men and women.  Now do you see why I think you should have some red in your life?

Start expressing your inner red through how you dress.  Below are more sneak peeks of what you will find at the Good As New trunk show my Polished by tu-anh team and I are producing to benefit Goodwill of Greater Washington.  Happy Friday and see you in a few weeks!

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Wenli rarely wears red so we styled her in a sexy red number to show off her beautiful body.


A lot of selections from various designers and sizes both for work and play.

As you can see red is also a popular fearless and bold choice for one of our executive clients.

As you can see red is also a popular fearless and bold choice for one of our executive clients.

Dare to Wear Yellow?

Yellow: playful, optimistic, entertaining, mentally stimulating, and full of joy.  If you are not already so, that means you need to add some yellow to your life, especially your wardrobe!  We have been very busy pulling amazing pieces from local Goodwill stores in preparation for the Good As New Fashion Trunk Show benefitting Goodwill of Greater Washington.

Many people think they cannot wear yellow, but nearly anyone can.  The key is choosing the right shade for you.  As you can see below we will have everything from Daisy Duke yellow to buttercup to goldenrod for sale at the event.  You can pair with basic blacks, whites, blues, or brown accents or be adventurous and simply just wear all yellow like the little strapless number below, which I love.


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Looks like Ryann will end up purchasing this for herself. Perfect for work in the creative field!

photo 2

We have all styles and all sizes available. Yellow is so much fun to have in your life!