8 Reasons Why You Are Not Where You Want to Be.

My best friend and owner of Shiny Carpet Cleaning is the perfect example of Confidence, Discipline and Action.

Ever wonder why your life is not where you want it to be? Are you frustrated because you have worked so hard and yet, there is nothing to show for it? Well, it all begins with you.

In my opinion, having passion and knowing what you want for your life play crucial roles in helping you to get there. But perhaps there are some things that you are currently lacking that may be preventing you from reaching your fullest potential and living your best life. I am speaking from my very own personal experience. I have had to learn some very hard lessons along the way.

Below are just some of my thoughts on why you still are not where you want to be in your life:

1. Lack of Planning

You can see your happy and successful future so clearly, but what is missing is a plan on how you will get there. What are you waiting for? Start planning! No one will do that for you. Let’s get to work and implement those plans!

2. Lack of Self Confidence

How can anyone believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? Your lack of self confidence will prevent you from reaching your goals because fear takes over and you are entertaining it. Don’t allow fear to get in the way.

3. Lack of Focus

Focusing on the wrong things can be unproductive and a time waster. Do you know the top 3 priorities in your life? Write those down and keep them somewhere that you see regularly to keep you on track. If anything or anyone get in the way of those priorities, drop them.

4. Lack of Discipline

We are not born disciplined. To me this is a learned behavior. When we lack discipline, we lack initiative and we lack inner strength. Being a disciplined person takes effort, but it also requires you to train your mind and tell yourself that you are a disciplined person.

5. Lack of guidance and support

You are who you surround yourself with. Who are the people closest to you? Who are the top 5 people you spend most of your time with? Are they on the same life path and purpose as you? I have many friends after 20 years, still struggling in the same life’s challenges. It’s because they surround themselves with people who do not share their path of success and happiness. You are a product of your environment and surroundings. Surround yourself with people who will guide and support your path to reaching your fullest potential and who challenges you to live your best life!

6. Lack of Accountability

When you take responsibility for your life, it puts you at choice. Choose to be in the driver seat instead of just going with the flow or follow along. If you don’t hold yourself accountable, then who will? Drive your life and get to the destination of your dreams! ” It is not what we only do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.” ~John Baptiste Moliere

7. Lack of Faith

How can your dreams come true if you don’t believe that they will? Faith helps you to overcome obstacles that get in the way of success. When we have faith, everything and anything are possible.

8. Lack of Action

This to me is the most important above all else. Without action, there is no result and your dreams cannot come into reality. Talk is cheap without action to follow. Now is the time to start. Stop talking about what you will do and start doing it.

Attitude + Actions = Attraction: How to be Great in Sales!


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When it comes to achieving success in anything that you do, your attitude determines your action, and that results in attracting your ideal scene.

I am athletic, but not an athlete.  In my opinion, though, when it comes to sports, the thing that separates good players from great players is their mental attitude. This makes a difference in winning and losing. If the mind is strong and believes that losing is not an option, then the player can achieve anything.

When it comes to business, talk to any top sales consultant about what their secret to success is and they will share with you that it starts with their mindset and mental attitude. Great sales consultants love what they do, love the products and services they sell, love the companies that the work for, and of course, are passionate about the clientele that they sell to.  They also take personal responsibility for their successes while not allowing failure and rejection to ruin their attitude or get in the way of their actions.

Below are four simple attitude rules that great sales consultants live by, compliments of Steven Gaffney Company:

  1. No one can choose your attitude for you. If you are waiting for someone else to come along and motivate you, then you are letting your circumstances take control of your thoughts. Only you can motivate yourself to have a better attitude–and in trying times, only with a better attitude will you be able to improve your circumstances. No matter the extraordinary sales techniques you learn during your career, they will fail you if you don’t believe in yourself and are aware of your mental attitude.
  2. Your attitude determines how others perceive you. How often have you thought, just from observing them, that someone had a bad attitude? Like it or not, between 65 and 90 percent of all conversations are interpreted through non-verbal communication, including facial expressions, physiology, body language or positioning, and tone of voice. Your prospects are more likely to react to those visual cues than by what you have to say. That’s why, as salespeople, we have to ensure that our body language communicates a positive, confident attitude.
  3. The people around you are a direct mirror of your attitude. It’s amazing how individuals who consistently display a poor attitude are the same who expect their family, co-workers, friends, or employees to remain upbeat. Remember: who you are is who you attract. Think of it as the law of human magnetism.
  4. Maintaining a good attitude is easier than regaining one that’s lost. If you already have a good attitude, great! Do everything you can to maintain it. On the other hand, if you have difficulty expecting the best from yourself and others, don’t give up. Look again at item #1 on this list–only you can choose your attitude, so it’s up to you to be aware of it and change it or manage it.

So remember, whether it be your work or your personal life, be aware of your attitude, take actions that will help you attract success.