Violet Style and the Crown Chakra


Be creative in adding purple in your style.

Now that you have a little background on the Root Chakra, you know how ensuring its balance can help you feel grounded, centered, and happy.  I have also shared my thoughts on the Solar Plexus (third) and the Heart Chakra with you. Today, let’s travel upward to the Crown Chakra, which is connected to our spirituality, our divine self, and our source of higher power.

The color associated with the Crown Chakra is violet, a secondary color that is a blend of warm red and cool blue together. Violet and purple signify aristocracy, wealth, creativity, spirituality, luxury, passion, mysticism, awareness, and so much more. For the past 6-12 months, slowly day by day, I can feel the opening of my Crown Chakra. Sometimes it is so extreme that I do not feel human. I feel alive, powerful, awakened – my awareness is so clear, my body full of strength, my mind so sharp, and my life’s vision is so apparent in front of me. My ego is no longer affecting my decisions and I speak of nothing but beauty, truth, and love.

If you find yourself feeling aches and pain on your body, being indecisive about things, experiencing a lack of purpose, being out of balance with your life, and feeling depressed more often than usual, then your Crown Chakra must be blocked. Not to worry, there are many things that you can do to open up the energy of this chakra and get your goddess or titan vitality back. In addition to daily affirmations, prayers, deep breathing, meditation, and the use of essential oils, I have also included some other creative ideas in this post to help you apply more purple or violet in your life and open up the spiritual energy of this chakra. Soon you will be back in connection with your higher self and inner goddess. So please, keep me posted on how you do!


You will always find fresh touches of purple flowers in my home.


Even while on travel, I seem to see purple and violet flowers everywhere!


If you look, purple is everywhere!


I took this photo after a storm on King Street in Old Town Alexandria. It was beautiful and magical looking!


Make sure to add purple or violet in your cooking, too!


And when you see repeating numbers everywhere, it is a sign that the angels and the divine are supporting your spiritual journey.

A Style Goddess Is Born


Honest, caring, loyal, stylish, kind, patient, creative, introspective, cultured, and most importantly, feminine, sensual, and loves being of service to others. She is beautiful inside and out. She is the perfect embodiment of a tu-anh goddess.

Introducing…Julianne Marie, Style Goddess and Sanctuary Caretaker for tu-anh boutique.  She is talented and multi-faceted.  Below, you can see the many sides to Julianne and the different roles she has to play in her job almost daily.  And did I mention that she is a Cancer and born on the 11th day? And she is also a former design student of mine years ago?

It’s no surprise that she believes in my mission and vision, and she understands my high expectations as well as my need for perfection and growth.  Goddess Julianne is at the sanctuary Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11AM to 7PM.  You should come by and let her style you and share some light and calm energy to soothe your soul.  We are very blessed to have her on our team.


Spiritual and curious.


Putting the polishing touch on one of our titans.


Makes a difference when you love your job.


She can really brighten others’ lives with her sense of style.


Getting our titan measured for his best fitting suit.


Intelligent in conversation.


She is also a great model.


Sweet and innocent in our silk/rayon dress from Greece.


Fun and Flirty.


Nini loves taking photos with Julianne!


Smoothie break wearing a tu-anh original hand-painted silk kimono.

Style Rethymno


For those of you who have not seen my Facebook and Instagram posts recently, I am currently on a buying trip in Europe for my boutique and of course, the Greek Islands are a MUST destination for me. This is my second time in Greece and it keeps enticing me to return for more.  So, it looks like I will be visiting one Greek Island per year until I settle with one that I would like to be loyal to.  I love the Greek island atmosphere and resort-style fashion. It’s all so light, airy, natural, feminine, and earthy with a touch of glam and sensuality. I feel right at home here in a culture where you are encouraged to bring out your inner goddess and nurture your feminine soul.

Below is a sampling of what I saw in the streets and the boutique window displays of Rethymno, Crete during our stay. I will share with you more photos I took of the unique Old Town Rethymno.  You will definitely want to visit after you see my photos!

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