Back In Rome

I love shopping for vintage books and magazines!

Last April, I was going through a phase in my life where there was much cleansing and healing needed. So my visit to the Vatican and Rome was overall very therapeutic.  This year, I am happier and in a more grounded place since I have cleared a lot of emotional baggage and have let go of the things that were in the way of my desired beautiful life. So my recent trip to Rome last week was quite creative, positive, and inspirational.  I had a lot of fun doing more exploring, connecting with people, did a lot of walking, a lot of prayers, and a whole lot of shopping for our goddess sanctuary. Enjoy the photos below and perhaps you might want to join me next time. (smiles)

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Italian Sophistication for Our American Titans

I love their looks!
I love their looks!

From classic Hollywood movies to the latest looks and magazines, Italian inspired fashion for men continues to be the ultimate preferred style.  The cuts, the colors, the textures, and the tailoring are impeccable, which is why tu-anh Boutique is excited about bringing Italian style and refinement to our American titans!

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