Are You Going Above and Beyond at Work?

I love having employees who are always open to learning and personal growth.

Over the past two decades, I have mentored hundreds, if not thousands of young professionals and often get the same question, “Why am I not getting a raise or promotion at work?”  And I usually tell them that simply showing up and doing no more than what is expected is the main reason why they are not being promoted.  If you want to move up in your career and professional life, giving an average performance will never result in accolades and high praise. Only those that give outstanding performances at work will get the desired rewards and recognition. Coming from my position as an employer and a client to a vendor, if you have to ask for a promotion or more money from me, that means I think you are doing a good or average job, not AMAZING. I don’t need reminders to acknowledge or recognize someone when I observe the value that they are contributing to my business and clients.

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A Little Image Upgrade Goes A Long Way

A little polishing of your image goes a long way, as you will see from the images below!  In an earlier post, I posed the question, “What does your professional image say about you?” Due to such great feedback, I decided to feature more.  One commenter shared “I’ve stepped up the way I dress in the office, and it’s contagious!  My colleagues now are starting to bring their ‘A game.’”  That is exactly what should happen!

Some say fashion is frivolous, but I say that a little upgrade in your image might just lead you to that promotion you have been after, or it may help you land that high-level client that you have been carefully cultivating.   And the best part is that it only takes small tweaks to achieve a new polished and professional you.

Take a look at the Polished by tu-anh transformations below and see if you can spot the differences in the “before” and “after” photos.  You have the entire weekend until you return to work on Monday, so take that time to see if you can make some changes to your own appearance based on what I have shared.  And of course, if you need help, my team and I can help, too.  As always, leave your own tips in the comments section below, or send me your thoughts directly.  You know how much I love hearing from my readers!