New York City After Sundown


New York City, a place that captivates me like no other.  One minute it is exciting, another minute, it is stressful and chaotic, but there is always something interesting and exciting going on, and you could never run out of things to experience.

But my absolute favorite time in New York City is after the sun goes down and the lights go on.  That is when I love walking around the most. There is something magical, peaceful, spiritual, and romantic about it that I cannot put into words. Here are some photos from my recent weekend in the Big Apple. I hope you like them, all taken from my amazing iPhone. 🙂




Bold, Polished and Beautiful: Ryann Doyle

How do you polish someone who works in the beauty industry?  Simply a little refinement here and there, I guess. Even those whose careers are devoted to making others look good – whether as a hairdresser, makeup artist, stylist, or otherwise – can use a touch of refinement to their look every now and again.  Last week, I showed you how to pose for a professional a headshot that will help you project the image you want others to have of you.  This week, it’s really just about putting your best self forward in a photo.  After meeting someone in person with your most polished self, why not leave them thinking about you with a professional and beautiful headshot on your business card?

Meet Ryann Doyle, a new member of my Polished by tu-anh team!  Ryann is in charge of all special projects along with PR and Marketing as well as new business and client services.  On the fashion end, she will be the lead stylist and image consultant working side by side with me with a strong background in hair and makeup.  The best part about our team is that we are all well rounded and multi-faceted, we can switch gears anytime and put both our left and right brains to use.  Read more about Ryann below.

Ryann Doyle before and after

Ryann Before…and After! Photo: Charles Martin. The best part about being a makeup artist and stylist is that you don’t need anyone to do your hair and makeup.  Ryann did a great job here and did not even need my help.

Ryann grew up in the small, rural town of Moseley, Virginia with her parents and two sisters. Even from a young age, Ryann could be described as a vivacious, outgoing, curious and creative spirit; always wanting to be the center of attention and make an impression on people around her.

After graduating from George Mason University, Ryann moved into Washington, D.C. and began her career in the beauty industry where she styled and made people look beautiful as well as assisting the salons and spas she worked for in branding and marketing promotions. Prior to coming on board with Polished by tu-anh. Ryann was with the prestigious Paul Mitchell brand and was also one of the first Design Team and Placement Leaders for Paul Mitchell Schools in the United States.

With Ryann’s creative talents, entrepreneurial mindset, positive energy, and the love for making people’s lives better, she is the perfect fit to join my team. Not to mention that I met her at Paul Mitchell three years ago and told her that she will be working for me one day and now here she is.  God works in such magical ways.

In Ryann’s free time, she loves to continue her education in the beauty industry by taking classes, spending time with her family and puppy Campbell, exploring all the delicious restaurants in Washington, D.C., scuba diving and staying active. As Ryann’s life continues to take her to new heights, personally and professionally, there is one quote she loves to live her life by…”Hold on tight, and enjoy the ride.”  Oh, and did I mention that she is single and available? 🙂 So gentlemen, not all the good ones are taken. (wink)

Ryann Doyle business card

A Polished Headshot Speaks A Thousand Words

We all know that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression, especially when it comes to your online professional presence.  A person seeing your headshot, whether through your website or social media profiles, is already making assumptions about you in their mind.  So what does your professional headshot say about you?  When was the last time you looked at your linkedIn profile and see what photo is there?  I suggest you do this every one or two years if your drastically change your looks.

Meet Leigh Frigm, a new member of my Polished by tu-anh team!  Leigh is also a busy wife and mother and when she came on board one of the first things we did was give her a Polished by tu-anh touch up.  We are in the people business, so everyone on my team has their photo on their business cards, like a real estate agent, but I think ours is much more refined, chic, and sophisticated. 🙂 Leigh is already beautiful inside and out. There was not much there for us to polish or perfect, we just gave her hair a little lift with color and soft layers.  As for the make-up, just natural and flawless with bold lips is always my favorite.

Even if you do not have access to your own Polished by tu-anh stylist and photographer every day, I have a few simple tips you can use for your next photo session:

  • Wear solid colors that are flattering to your skin and use simple accessories to make a statement
  • Make-up should look timeless, go for bold lips or bold eyes, but not both
  • If you have long hair, pull some of it forward to cascade over your shoulders
  • Turn your head to one side just a bit, then tilt your head down slightly with a soft and sweet smile – you will look slimmer, more feminine, and more approachable.  I promise 🙂
Leigh Before and After.

Leigh Before…and After! Photo by Charles Martin. Hair and Make-Up by our Polished by tu-anh lead stylist Ryann Doyle.

Leigh is an accomplished special events coordinator with many years of experience in the events and hospitality industry. She is highly-organized, attentive to details, a great cook, patient, and loves to be of service to others and making life stress-free for them. Not only she is in charge of events management and coordination, but she will be spearheading our Domesticated Goddess Program that I will launch later this year for the busy single executive male.  And did I tell you she plays sports and was a cheerleader in high school?  That’s my kind of gal! Beauty, intelligence, talent, and a kind heart: traits that I look for when hiring and recruiting. Having her on the team has helped us tremendously to stay on track and stay centered.  When not planning events and working on Polished by tu-anh projects, Leigh loves to do wine tastings and experiment with new recipes. She also enjoys spending time with her darling family – husband Ryan, daughters Ryleigh and Madison, and dog Mason.  See the finished product below.  Her business card.  Like it?

Leigh business card Polished by tu-anh