Autumn, A Time for Mindfulness and Transformation Within.

I said… “I love Spring, but there is just something very sensual and romantic about the falling leaves and rich colors of Autumn and the feeling that arises within me, especially on a cold rainy afternoon.” And he said… “If … Continue reading

New York and the Sunlight


Recently I shared with you some of my favorite photos of New York City at night.  Did you like the way I captured the city after dark? I hope so 🙂

In this post, I thought you would enjoy what I captured of New York City during daylight. It’s vibrant and exciting, even when I am sitting in an Uber during rush hour.


My favorite vegetarian lunch at Dojo restaurant.


Goddess indulgences.


View of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.




Why wait in line for a Taxi when there is Uber or Lyft?