Autumn, A Time for Mindfulness and Transformation Within.

I said… “I love Spring, but there is just something very sensual and romantic about the falling leaves and rich colors of Autumn and the feeling that arises within me, especially on a cold rainy afternoon.” And he said… “If … Continue reading

New York and the Sunlight


Recently I shared with you some of my favorite photos of New York City at night.  Did you like the way I captured the city after dark? I hope so 🙂

In this post, I thought you would enjoy what I captured of New York City during daylight. It’s vibrant and exciting, even when I am sitting in an Uber during rush hour.


My favorite vegetarian lunch at Dojo restaurant.


Goddess indulgences.


View of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.




Why wait in line for a Taxi when there is Uber or Lyft?

New York City After Sundown


New York City, a place that captivates me like no other.  One minute it is exciting, another minute, it is stressful and chaotic, but there is always something interesting and exciting going on, and you could never run out of things to experience.

But my absolute favorite time in New York City is after the sun goes down and the lights go on.  That is when I love walking around the most. There is something magical, peaceful, spiritual, and romantic about it that I cannot put into words. Here are some photos from my recent weekend in the Big Apple. I hope you like them, all taken from my amazing iPhone. 🙂