Secrets of the Fashionably Fabulous Mothers

Fashionista DJ Mother Goddess Heather Femia in our Frida Kahlo wrap, rejuvenating in Tulum, Mexico.

The month of May brings with it so many feminine celebrations: the deliciously fluffy peony blossoms from my goddess garden showing off their rich colors and beautiful fragrance; the pretty sunshine and warming weather that awakens our dead winter spirit; and, of course, my birthday, International Goddess Day, and Mother’s Day.

Mothers are the ultimate example of unconditional love, sacrifice, selflessness, kindness, compassion, and the feminine divine. They often are in a constant state of loving, nurturing, protecting, raising, feeding, embracing, and cherishing their children, their husbands, their parents, their pets, their plants, and all the things that they consider to be their treasures.  What I have noticed in the mothers around me is that they never call in sick or postpone their responsibilities with their children and family. With today’s fast-paced world of independent working mothers, they really do it all!

So what about those mothers we see who seem to always look fashionably polished and impeccable, who move with such confidence and alluring femininity, who seem to be forever smiling, positive and happy regardless of the the craziness and chaos surrounding them? How do they do it? How can they possibly look so good, be so cheerful, and never seem to run out of energy? Well, in my opinion, when a mother merges herself with God and the goddess within, the power that takes over is limitless and everlasting.  The Goddess-Mothers that I respect and value have boundless motivational forces and inner strength. After years of being around them, I have learned their simple little secrets and rituals that keep them looking so young and vibrant…not to mention, sexy and sensual!

As busy as these modern day fashionista mothers are, they do a perfect job of staying in touch with their feminine selves and understand how vital it is to keep themselves feeling happy and rejuvenated. In order for the divine goddess power to flow freely throughout these gorgeous hotties, they have stayed true to their dedicated healthy rituals that are key to maintaining their vitality and youthful beauty.

So would you like to know a few of their little secrets for looking and feeling so fab? Here are some of my favorites, which many of my favorite mothers have shared with me:

  1. Daily beauty regimen, morning and night (#1 on my list)
  2. Yoga practice
  3. Weekly goddess baths (#2 on my list)
  4. Exercise
  5. Massages and/or spa and salon visits
  6. Shopping
  7. Dancing (#4 on my list)
  8. Goddess night out with their girlfriends
  9. Solitude (#3 on my list)
  10. Eating clean (Absolute must!)
  11. Self love and care, including date nights and a healthy sex life with their titan husbands (SUPER IMPORTANT!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my beautiful goddesses, including my mother and sisters! Enjoy the celebration of you: your beauty, your love, your light, your divine feminine power, your big loving hearts, and, most importantly, thank you for existing! I hope you enjoy the photos below of a few of my favorite mother goddesses and wives!

Style goddess mother Maria finds balance and calmness in her yoga practice. Here is a photo I took at our Caribbean Awakened retreat this past February.

The Flawlessly Fab Monica Favela, my soulmate in business!

The exotic Latin goddess mother Jessica Soto, who is also my Nini Love’s doctor!

My gorgeous, super mother and wife goddess-sister and her beautiful daughters in our Italian Collection silk dress and crystal necklace.

Another gorgeous, super mother-goddess younger sister of mine and her precious china doll daughter having fun shopping in our sanctuary.

I love this hot and sensual photo of Maria in my red bathing suit at our Winter Goddess Retreat in the Dominican Republic. Maria is the ultimate example of the perfect wife and mother and woman. She has three beautiful children and look at her fabulous body!!!!

Let’s Celebrate the Mother Goddess!


My mother at 19 in Vietnam. I love her hair!

Happy be-lated Mother’s day!

To be honest, I don’t really think that we should wait until Mother’s Day to celebrate the amazing mother goddesses in our lives.  We should celebrate a mother’s love, support, inner strength, and radiance every day.  Imagine all the things she has given up and the sacrifices she has made to give us the gift of life and light.

My mother is a super woman.  She is the reason I exist. She is my role model, my mentor, my angel, my life coach, my partner in crime, my fearless inner strength and so much more. Her beauty is so radiant inside and out, even in her 70’s today. When she enters the room, her quiet strength grounds and protects me.  I am forever grateful for her and so proud to be her daughter.  Without her, I am nothing.  Below are photos including some taken in our sanctuary this past week of the mother goddesses I so adore, including my own goddess family. We celebrated their beautiful feminine energy by making sure every mother goddess that came in to see us got some special pampering.

My mother and my younger sisters are my best friends forever and my life.  All 3 of them are super mother goddesses. They are so amazing juggling it all. I don't know how they do it. I love them so much!!!!!!

My mother and my younger sisters are my best friends forever. All 3 of them are super mother goddesses. They are so amazing juggling it all. I don’t know how they do it. I love them so much!!!!!!

Super cool mom and Fashion DJ Heather Femia.

Super cool mother goddess and Fashion DJ Heather Femia.


Mother Goddess Erika and I on our way to a very enlightening concert of Snatam and Ajeet Kaur.

Beautiful and spiritual Mother Goddess Elizabeth doing angel readings.

Beautiful and spiritual Mother Goddess Elizabeth doing angel readings.


This mother goddess is in her 40’s with 2 grown children and still looking like 21.


I have known this mother goddess forever. She has 3 grown boys! Still looking like she is in her 20’s


Can you guess which is the mother and which is the daughter? They are 26 years apart.


Our sweet goddess Julianne Marie and her beautiful mother.