May Flowers Brought to You by April Showers

I love walking around town after the rain when the flowers are on the ground.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great American transcendentalist poet said, “The earth laughs in flowers.” I agree with this romantic poet profoundly because flowers bring me so much joy. If I had a magic wand, my life would be filled with fresh flowers everywhere I go. And lately, I have seen this actually happening. My love for flowers is so strong, they are popping up all around me more than ever – a life framed in flowers! Flowers make a space more inviting and welcoming and brighten our day if we have been stressed, anxious, or going through times of sadness. When I am in the presence of flowers, I feel even more beautiful, more feminine, and more loving than usual, or simply just beaming with smiles for no reason.  I love that, before welcoming the new, April brings so many rain showers that heal and cleanse the soul and the outdoor surroundings, and nourish the roots of all plants and trees, bringing about the mesmerizing transformation of God’s creations right before our very own eyes.

I always have fresh plants and flowers all over my house, even during the cold winter months – they bring peace, balance, and harmony to my very crazy, fun, creative life. And this is why it is important to have fresh flowers in your work space, too, because of their silent strength and beautiful power. A flower is God’s Love and gift of purity to us. Flowers want nothing in return except for us to adore and admire them. They exist to bring us pleasure, brighten our days, warm our hearts and fill our environment with their heavenly scents.

For my ladies, try putting a flower in your hair and revel in how happy and feminine it will make you feel. Buy some flowers for your honey, be they a Goddess or a Titan. We all love to receive flowers! Lovingly gaze at yourself in the mirror holding some flowers against your hair, your skin, and your eyes. Don’t wait around for someone to bring you flowers; gift them to yourself. Self love is the most sacred love of all. Please trust me – you will start to experience some magic within you that you never knew you had.

I would like to invite all my Goddesses and Titans to take a magical walk this evening or tomorrow evening under the full moon. This moon is very special to me. It is called the “Flower Moon,” the first full moon in May, the month of Venus, the month I was born, and the month of International Goddess Day on May 15th. The Flower Moon was given its name by Native Americans for its red glow and the way it shines its light on all the flowers which reach their peak by May.

In April, all the rain came as a prelude to a parade of flower fantasies which delight us during the month of May. It is a time of great harvest and gorgeous fields of color from all the beautiful blooms which have reached their full glory. Buddhists also celebrate this May full moon, which for them is the start of “Vesak,” a sacred holiday that is a magical celebration of the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha. Flowers are the most enlightened state of being for a plant, and I would love for you to go out for a moonlit stroll alone, with your sweetheart, or with your dog tonight and enjoy the Flower Moon’s magic and light, the gateway to my being.

Love Always… tu-anh

P.S. I hope you enjoy the photos of my beautiful garden flowers I grew from roots.

This is our signature lotus pink that I love so much…

How rich is this spiritual purple?

I love seeing these pink beauties bloom, and I grew them from roots.

A great book to read from our Goddess library collection of books.

Let’s Celebrate the Mother Goddess!


My mother at 19 in Vietnam. I love her hair!

Happy be-lated Mother’s day!

To be honest, I don’t really think that we should wait until Mother’s Day to celebrate the amazing mother goddesses in our lives.  We should celebrate a mother’s love, support, inner strength, and radiance every day.  Imagine all the things she has given up and the sacrifices she has made to give us the gift of life and light.

My mother is a super woman.  She is the reason I exist. She is my role model, my mentor, my angel, my life coach, my partner in crime, my fearless inner strength and so much more. Her beauty is so radiant inside and out, even in her 70’s today. When she enters the room, her quiet strength grounds and protects me.  I am forever grateful for her and so proud to be her daughter.  Without her, I am nothing.  Below are photos including some taken in our sanctuary this past week of the mother goddesses I so adore, including my own goddess family. We celebrated their beautiful feminine energy by making sure every mother goddess that came in to see us got some special pampering.

My mother and my younger sisters are my best friends forever and my life.  All 3 of them are super mother goddesses. They are so amazing juggling it all. I don't know how they do it. I love them so much!!!!!!

My mother and my younger sisters are my best friends forever. All 3 of them are super mother goddesses. They are so amazing juggling it all. I don’t know how they do it. I love them so much!!!!!!

Super cool mom and Fashion DJ Heather Femia.

Super cool mother goddess and Fashion DJ Heather Femia.


Mother Goddess Erika and I on our way to a very enlightening concert of Snatam and Ajeet Kaur.

Beautiful and spiritual Mother Goddess Elizabeth doing angel readings.

Beautiful and spiritual Mother Goddess Elizabeth doing angel readings.


This mother goddess is in her 40’s with 2 grown children and still looking like 21.


I have known this mother goddess forever. She has 3 grown boys! Still looking like she is in her 20’s


Can you guess which is the mother and which is the daughter? They are 26 years apart.


Our sweet goddess Julianne Marie and her beautiful mother.