Divine Summer Goddess Fashion

Angelic presence and divine energy.

When it comes to fashion styling, I am all about “less is more,” and summer is definitely my favorite season to style. It is the time to wear soft and silky fabrics that you can breathe in and make you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all – what a fabulous way to get in touch with your inner sensual goddess!

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Healing My Heart In Rome


There are so many ways to heal a wounded heart and staying at home eating junk food and watching TV are definitely not on my to do list!  You have read my recent posts about healing the wounded heart with music and also healing my childhood wounds with candles.  Well, my heart is in a much better place than it was weeks ago. I am getting back to my strong goddess self again. Part of what helped was a mixture of talking to my two dearest titan friends to get their perspectives on what to do, writing in my journal and going to ROME!

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