11 Reasons Why Flowers Are My Best Friends

Ever heard of that song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend?” My mother grew up appreciating the value of diamonds and expensive jewels; she was even in the business of dealing diamonds at one point. When I was 26 years … Continue reading

The Power to Choose – The Third Chakra


I love designing pretty feminine happy accessories.

Earlier this year while at the Pearl Laguna for a Yoga and Hiking Retreat, I discovered that my Solar Plexus (the third chakra) was a little out of balance, which explains some of the inconsistencies that I was seeing in my life and with my inner goddess confidence being questioned.

The third chakra is the center of willpower and the perception of who you are. When this chakra is balanced, you own your personal power and you are confident with who you are and what you want. It also helps you to take action and move your life forward responsibly, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

When this chakra is not balanced or is blocked, you are reactive rather than proactive, you may experience emotional outbursts, you may just sit back and let life pass you by, you may not be able to make decisions so easily and all this and bring your confidence level down as well. Does this sound familiar?

Just know that in life you have the power to choose what makes your heart sing, what gives you passion and joy, what fulfills you – and no one can do this but you. So all you have to do is CHOOSE. Choose to be happy, choose to be confident, choose to be open to receive, choose to be powerful, choose to be with the mate of your dreams, etc. Whatever you choose, you will have.

The color yellow is associated with the third chakra. In order to help strengthen and balance this chakra, I not only like to eat yellow foods, such as bananas, eggs, yellow peppers, etc., but I also like to wear yellow, too! (see below) It brightens my spirit and makes me feel like I have sunshine with me all the time.


Not only wearing yellow brings me joy, but being kissed by a precious little pretty goddess makes me feel even more wonderful.


Are they the cutest mother-daughter goddess pair that you have ever seen or what?


I am convinced that blondes do have more fun, especially when they wear yellow, too. 🙂


I love love Mexico and the color richness everywhere I go!


Our goddess fan Gayela Bynum, founder of We Will Survive Cancer showing off her latest purchase of yellow.

Goddess Diet for Youthful Looking Skin

Do you want to know the secret to maintaining youthful and healthy looking skin and keeping your inner Goddess or Titan energized? To continue my health and wellness journey, and in keeping my heart chakra balanced, I am having fruits and vegetables at every single meal and drinking lots of herbal teas and water as part of my daily diet.  In addition to that, I don’t even crave sweets, coffee, carbs, or wine at all.

I have been on this wellness diet since December 27th, and I can tell you, not only does it make a difference in the way I feel, but also in how my skin looks and feels: amazing. Make-up is now a plus (if I feel like it), but not a must…well, at least for the past 3 weeks 🙂 See my bare face in the photo below.

I am blessed to be in Mexico right now and missing Jonas back at home in the Washington, DC area. But even while on this Goddess Holiday and Design Inspiration Retreat, I have been hiking at least five miles a day as well as doing yoga and lifting weights. My breakfast is mostly plain yogurt, honey, chia seeds, and mixed fruits, and lunch and dinner are usually salads or fish tacos made from the freshest ingredients.

I took the photos below to share with you for inspiration in case you want to eat out less and start preparing your foods at home. Make sure to keep your food colorful and made with natural ingredients.  Oh, and did I tell you I also lost 6 pounds from it too? 🙂

My typical fruit, yogurt, honey, chia seeds breakfast...all organic.

My typical fruit, yogurt, honey, chia seeds breakfast…all organic.


A typical lunch at Loot, my favorite place to do work and socialize.


Another favorite lunch spot, La Perla, right on the beach.


The La Casa Que Canta kitchen staff will make any salad for me as long as they have the vegetables and seeds.


One of my favorite dishes at La Casa Que Canta, fish tacos with cucumber and chia seeds, with water and some greens on the side.

My skin, make-up free, just a little eyeliner that is all. 😊

My skin, make-up free, just a little eyeliner that is all. 😊