What NOT to do on New Year’s Day!

IMG_9737I hope you are enjoying your holidays so far, more importantly, how did your 2014 turn out? For me, 2014 was supposed to be filling my own love cup, but I don’t think I did a great job with that, at least not to the extent that I desire.  But what I am pleased about this year is that we were able to launch tu-anh boutique, our sanctuary for the modern day goddess. It was a lot of work, but we did it with so much love, passion and dedication.  Even better is seeing how much the clientele appreciates what we are all about and understanding my vision of bringing beauty, love, and inspiration to the world around me. Now I have a place to come to work that I love so much. It actually does not even feel like I am working, but rather just enjoying life.  And it smells AMAZING!!! You must come for a visit when you are in the Washington, DC Area. Please make sure to let me know ahead since we will not be open to the public every day due to demands of my private time and special events.

If your 2014 did not turn out the way you would like, here’s how you can change that for 2015. But in order for it to work, you must listen to me and not do the following on New Years Day.  Seriously, what you do on the first day of the year will reflect your whole year.

1. Wake up with a hangover. Do you really want to waste a beautiful New Year where you have the opportunity to start a new life chapter this way?

2. Share your bed with a stranger. Some of you who have been writing to me know what I am talking about. If you want to attract a quality relationship in your life, it starts with your self worth first. Save yourself for the best, don’t just give yourself away to anyone. Besides, you don’t know what kind of negative  energy that stranger must be carrying with them into your personal space.

3. Clean the house. It’s the New Year. Allow wealth and abundance to come in to your space. Don’t sweep them out. Do your cleaning before New Year’s Day or after!

4. Pay bills.  Let’s put it this way, if you are paying your bills on New Year’s Day, you will be constantly paying bills the rest of 2015. Why not write a check to yourself in the amount you would like to have and put it in a red money envelope and carry it in your wallet instead? It works for me 🙂

5. Do not allow negative thoughts to take over your mind. Anytime you feel worry, fear, shame, blame, guilt, or anxiety, that means your angels are not present. Switch your thinking to more positive and enlightening thoughts. Focus on all the things you appreciate about your life.  Remember, your thoughts become your actions, and your actions become your reality.

I hope the list was helpful. Let’s reconnect in 2015. As always, I appreciate you embarking on this life journey with me. Much Love, tu-anh

3 Things I Will Do Before The New Year

IMG_9218By now, you have already figured out that I am a very spiritual person and a big believer of Feng Shui and how it can affect your life both bad and good. Although I have been extremely busy with our new boutique and showroom, I am making time each day, little by little, to do the following before the New Year.

This year has been an emotional roller coaster ride both filled with challenges and excitement, but I believe everything that happened was meant to be. I feel like I am forever going through God’s life academy. With each new day, I feel a little wiser and closer to the divine purpose that God has designed for me. So 2015 is the year where I will begin a new life chapter from a blank canvas. My first priority will be my health, my emotional well being, my family, my relationship with God, and finally, focusing on my first self help book.  So out with the old and in with the new. Thought I would share with you the three things I am doing before the new year arrives. I hope you will join along with me.

1. Declutter, clean, and organize.  And I mean in that exact order.  Start with your car since it is small, then your office, then your home, especially the bedroom and closets. Make sure to donate or throw out things that you no longer have use for. Ladies, please make sure you do that with your cosmetics, too. Some of you are guilty of holding on to cosmetics for years and that is not good for your skin. Remember to open all your windows for fresh air while doing so.

2. Cleansing and detox bath with fresh lemon, sea salt, almond oil, and essential oils. I have been making time at least once a week on a quiet evening, away from distractions for my healing bath using our deliquescences enriched with some of my favorite essential oils.  Aphrodite, Chemistry, and Earth Goddess from our bath collection are my three favorites. Make sure to allow time for your baths. Simply just relax and soak your tense body in very warm water, close your eyes, and reflect on your 2014…let go of what no longer serves you. Then dream and visualize all the good things that will take place in your life for 2015 and meditate on that. Celebrate it. I can tell you that everything I dream about comes to life.  Honestly.

3. Close and wrap up unfinished business and personal relationships.  At the moment, I feel internally strong as I am externally. Therefore, I don’t have or attract any negativity in my life. Ever since our sanctuary for the modern-day goddess opened, and soon to be the future home for the titans, not one single negative soul has entered our door.  So these last days before the new year, I am just wrapping up some business projects and making sure the clients are happy and things are polished and completed, or discarding ideas that were not put into action for future use. As for personal relationships, I am not really sure if I have relationships that need closure. It’s really more the relationship within me, my inner goddess that I have been neglecting due to putting others’ happiness as first priority.  That is why 2015 will be the “tu-anh” year. I will be feeding my inner twin with love, health, balance and strength so that in return, she has the power to do the same for the world.

Simple and easy, isn’t it? I am sure you have your own list, too. Please share!  Happy Holidays! Enjoy the video below from one of my bath experiences. Watch how sensual aphrodite deliquescence dissapears in the water.