Happy New Moon and International Goddess Day!

Happy New Moon in Taurus and International Goddess Day! For those of you from all over the world who are reading my post, please send love, healing, and light to all those wonderful and amazing goddesses in your life. Celebrate their strength, their spirits, and their hearts! Join me in welcoming the arrival of Spring, my favorite season. This is the season of rebirth and transformation. Let us all sing as if no one is listening and dance as if the whole world is watching us. I am so excited to embark on a new chapter of my life starting today, the chapter that was written for me many lifetimes ago. And tomorrow, I will not look back at today nor yesterday. My life moving forward will be a life full of hope, a life of truth, a life of charity and devotion, and most importantly, a life filled with only and simply love! I will face the world with boldness, without fear, without darkness and sadness, and with only creative self-expression that feeds my soul purpose and turn my dreams into reality. I am grateful to God, the Angels, and the Universe for being my teachers, my spirit guides, and my inner life force during this journey into enlightenment and becoming an awakened being. I feel very blessed.
~tu-anh love

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Still Mad About Men?

Model Jen and Alex in Goodwill Vintage
Model Jen and Alex in Goodwill Vintage

Now that Mad Men is ending and I know some of you fans out there are very sad, but I thought you would appreciate the looks in this post. They are a mixture of vintage dresses that we found at our local Washington DC Goodwill store and our goddess version of Mad Men inspiration. Have you put away your Winter clothes yet? For the things that you do not want to keep any longer, why not drop it off at your local Goodwill donation center and while you are there, browse through the racks and see what fun Vintage pieces you can find. And if you want looks that are more feminine, more sensual, more timeless, then you must visit our goddess sanctuary or shop online. Have fun with your Madmenalaria and make sure to share your photos on our fan page or email me.

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