How To Not Get Fired From Your Job

According to a study cited in Forbes magazine, 46% of employees fail within 18 months of landing a new job. Here are my top 11 ways how to NOT get fired from your job, but instead, do extremely well.

1. Under promise and over deliver. Don’t be too quick to say you can do something unless you know you will have the results produced with excellence.

2. Be punctual. Whether you are arriving at work, turning in a project, getting on a conference call, or heading to a meeting, be the first one there and ready to go. Be a leader and not a follower.

3. Be open to feedback. As a matter of fact, you should be seeking honest feedback from people you work with regularly and have honest conversations with them on areas where you can improve or perform better. Make sure you take action and follow through on making those improvements. Walk the talk.

4. Be present.  Prior to stepping into the office, all your personal problems and drama should be left at home or outside the door, or delete them from your mental computer. It is not nice for you to be using your employer’s time and money for your personal agendas and problems. When you are at work, you should be 100% focused on your job, doing it well, and being an asset to the organization, not a liability. Remember, when you make the company look good, you also look good.

5. Keep your word. Always do what you say you will do. People will trust and respect you more that way.  When you commit to something, keep it and honor it. Don’t be flaky. When that happens, you will lose your responsibilities in your role and eventually, you will lose your job.

6. Don’t just meet expectations, exceed them.  This means that if your schedule is 9 to 5, don’t just show up at 9 and leave at 5. There is so much to learn and grow from, take the opportunity while no one is around to do so. Come in early, leave late, and use that time to catch yourself up and be ahead of everyone.  If you are asked to read one book per month, read 2,3, or even 4.  Don’t wait for your boss to tell you what to do next. Be proactive, get ahead of the game, and surprise your employer!

7. Be respected rather than loved.  If you are not in the love business, then you should be earning respect at work to get the job done.  When people respect you, they will do what you say and help you to achieve goals and objectives.  How do you earn respect from others? Do all of the 6 things I mentioned above. Respect pays the bills, not love.

8. Invest in yourself. The more self-aware you are, the more you will be able to contribute to the world, including your work and personal relationships. You know this is my favorite one as I am a student of life and am always seeking to learn, grow, and improve myself and become an asset to those around me.

9. Stay healthy. No matter what, take care of your health and mental well being. When you are healthy, you will be more productive and efficient at work and that will make your boss (and everyone around you) happy.  Be sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night and exercise daily along with eating healthy. Meditation and Yoga also help to de-stress, too!

10. Become an expert in your role. Make sure you are the go-to person for everything in your area. The way to do this is to deliver quality work, not quantity. You will save time for the people that you work with because fewer mistakes are made and the result is money saved for the organization. You will be a valuable asset and resource and it will be hard to replace you.

11. Lastly, dress to win. Dress for the role you aspire to be in, not the role you are currently in. It’s always better to overdress and make everyone else look bad than to be the most unpolished one in the bunch and feel ashamed. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good and are more effective at work. Who would not want to be around a happy, confident, polished, and successful person?

I hope this post was helpful. There are more tips I could share, but I feel that after years of working with other high-level executives and business leaders and also running my own business, these are the things we appreciate about an employee. This is what I use to make my decision on keeping or letting go of an employee.  As always, I am here to help. Please feel free to reach out should you need my assistance.

Keep Your Workspace Positive and Get Things Done.


From Polished by tu-anh garden into client’s office.

I have always been a big believer in creating a positive, happy, and healthy work environment. This is why I incorporate honesty, appreciation, good feng shui, and healthy eating habits all into the culture of Polished by tu-anh. Just ask anyone from my team-we are not your typical work environment! We are all crazy-crazy good! I let my team have the freedom to express themselves, as long as it is healthy self-expression and that it does not offend or hurt others.

There are so many things that we do on a daily basis to keep our workplace healthy, efficient, productive, and positive.  Below are the top 5 things I make sure my team and I do regularly to keep our work atmostphere happy and productive. Now this doesn’t mean that we don’t work extremely hard, it just means that we work smart and get things done so our goals are achieved.

1. Open and honest communicationWe are all drivers and want to get things done so having open communication by getting the unsaid said prevents people from taking action based on assumptions.

2. Organization-When our workspace is organized and free of clutter, it reduces anxiety and stress and that helps in getting things done as well having a clear mind.

3. Real Plants and flowers-This makes the air feel and smell fresh and clean and they represent life!

4. Office pet-Yes, nini, my chubby chihuahua comes to work with me. She is so calm and cute that when we are working under tight deadlines and high stress, one look at her puts a smile on our faces.

5. Embrace Creativity-This is something that I think should be a must in all office environments.  Play music in the background, take short breaks to do some creative team or solo activities, singing, art, dancing, creating vision boards, etc…all healthy…read more on this in Forbes Magazine in their article about bringing positive energy to your work culture.

“Most businesses require at least some degree of employee creativity or innovation. When employees are allowed and encouraged to share their thoughts, business processes can become better streamlined, new products can emerge, and communication can improve. Workers who feel their voices are being heard are also usually happier overall.

Encouraging creativity seems like a somewhat ambiguous concept, but usually starts with communication. “Tell people you want their ideas then give them some amount of time and space to think creatively,” Psychology Today recommends. “Offering up as little as thirty minutes of work time a week for exploratory thought could send the message that creativity is valued, no matter when, where, or how ideas are conceived.”

You can read the rest of the article here. Try out one or two of them yourself and see how it goes. Share with me your success stories!


Ryann Marie at Polished by tu-anh studio, brainstorming for a fashion project.