40 Ways to feel more feminine.

You have read my previous post on Finding Strength in Softness featuring a modern day goddess who has awakened her feminine power through her journey with me the past several of years. And lately, I have received many requests from busy-successful modern day women asking me to share my tips and wisdom on how they can bring back their feminine energy so they can feel like a woman again. Here they are below…

1. Sleep Au Naturale (my first and foremost favorite feminine experience). If not nude, then, in lovely luxurious lingerie.
2. Let your hair down – as often as possible – soft, flowing, feminine.
3. Wear make-up to enhance your beautiful features, not hide them.
4. Wear feminine sexy undergarments – always. I love a touch of lace in mine.
5. Wear dresses – and…. devoid of panties or go braless when so inspired.
6. Wear high heels when you need a boost of confidence and sex appeal.
7. Flirt – in the mirror – smile, entice, use the eyes to beckon.
8. Giggle and laugh to yourself or at yourself.
9. Pink.  Yes, wear more pink, clothing, accessories, or lipstick.

10. Cook, clean, iron, sew, or do laundry. Be a domesticated goddess one day a week. It is very therapeutic, especially with classical or opera music playing while you do those activities.
11. Sparkle – Add sparkles to your eyes, on your skin, sprinkled them on your baked goods, or wear fashion with touches of sparkles.
12. Wear flowers in your hair – with or without reason.
13. When with a gentle-man, demonstrate your feminine grace by taking small steps – as though you were on the fashion runway. Yes, he is to open the door for you, walk closest to the street, pay your way (romantic or not).  Encourage his chivalry and masculinity. He will appreciate you for bringing out his inner titan.
14. Flirt with a stranger by extending a coy smile, gaze, a look.  No need to speak just be tempting and mysteriously approachable.
15. Wear silk to bed if you must wear something or a sheer cotton sheath that allows your body to breathe and feel free.

16. Dance – Dance daily with or without an audience. Be your own audience in the mirror.
17. Create a painting or a drawing from your feminine heart center.
18. Go shopping in person and allow your sense of touch to feel awakened. Caress the fabrics and materials with your hands.
19. Walk daily and leisurely in nature. Be present to your surroundings along the way. Pick flowers, watch the birds, chase the butterflies, or listen to the wind softly singing in your ears.
20. Spend time with masculine men (especially the ones with dogs as pets…not cats… Trust me on this!)
21. Slow down, relax, breathe…. carry yourself with grace and ease when you feel your masculine energy is taking over.
22. Speak softly choosing loving and positive words.  (Completely avoid profanity as it negates femininity).
23. Nurture your over-all Well Being.  Eat nutritionally, exercise, stretch, pamper yourself with therapeutic massages and hot sultry relaxing bubble baths as often as possible.
24. Be loving, be open, be approachable. Don’t judge anyone until you have a chance to get to know them personally. 
25. Grow a little garden. When your seeds bloom in full, so will you. 
26. Sing with your heart and soul as though the world would be healed by the very sound of your voice even when noone is listening.
27. Play dress up from your toes to your nose – Enjoy being a feminine girl’s girl. Dress up for your lover and have fun.
28. Be vulnerable – open your heart to receiving love and sharing love.

29. Gravitate to confident women who embrace femininity as their gift and their strength and who will reflect your beauty and celebrate your light.
30. Play with Children and Animals. Share your love and light, your touch, your resonance with them. They are pure and honest and you can be yourself with them. 
31. Treat your skin to luscious creams and natural erotic scents. I make my own since I cannot seem to find what I like. 
32. Create your feminine space by candle light and natural scented oils nightly.
33. High Tea – Pour Yourself a lovely cup of herbal tea and slowly savor each sip from a delicate china cup (with a little dark chocolate).
34. Be the definition of a true Feminine Woman – show compassion, kindness, forgiveness, sensitivity, gratitude and patience always, and yes even to those who have not been good to you.
35. Take a Soul Retreat by yourself for reflection, expansion and ascension of your brilliant Feminine Nature.
36. Practice yoga and meditation regularly.
37. Go for a healing Reiki session once a month. I have a Goddess whose energy I love and I see her when my brain power has been on overdrive.
38. Give thanks. I rarely go a day without sharing and expressing my Gratitude through writing in my journal.
39. Pray. Did you know that prayers can heal wounds if you believe it to be so? I finally have gotten over a heart-break through many nights and days of prayers and meditation. God does love us, even when we are not perfect.
40. Lastly, touch yourself daily. Give your body and soul the love it craves. How can anyone love you the way you want to be loved if you don’t know what that love really feels like?

Happy Women’s History month!
I hope you are already doing some of the things from my list above. If not, I invite you to try it for the rest of the month and keep me posted on what surprises you experienced. Let’s embrace femininity and sensuality as our power and our BRILLIANCE and share it with the world around us!
Allow The Goddess within you to be apparent everywhere you are and everything that you do.
With Love Always  * *

P.S. Thank you to Charles Martin, my photographer of many years for featuring my pink wrap design made of soft and luxurious cotton from India.

What is Finding Strength in Softness?


Being a strong woman does not mean losing your femininity. ~tu-anh

Happy New Moon in Gemini, the sign of the twins!

Today’s post is from a very dear goddess who has been a part of my tu-anh love “Awakened and Alive” community for quite sometime. This beautiful expression of herself, her life transformation, and her vulnerability exposed touched me and I thought you would be inspired by it as well. And for those ladies that are constantly sharing with me how they keep attracting weak men, let’s begin by letting your inner feminine come out to play and have some fashionably fearless forties fun!

This is before goddess transformation.

When I first stepped into Tu-anh boutique in 2015, my outer self seemed to stick out like a sore thumb… but my inner self was HOME. What was this magical dimension I had entered into? At the time, my inner masculinity tended to steal the show. What was missing in my life was a full expression of my femininity. Since that time, I’ve explored a life full of ruffles, flowers, spirituality and sensuality… with the unexpected benefits of deeper, more authentic connections and a much more powerful sense of self.

Smiling flirtatiously while I take her photo at our “Awakened” goddess retreat in Dominican Republic in 2017.

What I have learned:

  • A soft and feminine look does not make you appear weak to others – it makes you appear approachable. A way of being that welcomes others into your world creates not only more authentic connections but a much stronger position.
  • Femininity isn’t just a “look”… it’s a way of being that brings out your most authentic, vulnerable self. I am now okay with people helping me with a project or paying for dinner. I also now enjoy expressing how I really feel. While that used to feel like a weakness to me, I’ve experienced more freedom and power than I ever could have imagined by being more open and honest with the people in my life.
  • In dating, if you want to attract a strong, confident and self-assured alpha-male, you have to be willing to show your femininity and vulnerability. I had been searching for the Yin to my Yang – but was giving off Yin vibes myself. The end result? Attracting weaker men who were seeking someone strong to support or help them.
  • Never wait for someone to buy you flowers! Each week, I buy four bouquets of flowers for my home, and have found it to be one of the quickest ways to bring love and light into my world. Similar expressions of self-love, like getting a massage, journaling or meditating, are regular habits that have attracted even more love and abundance into my life.
  • Being ok with vulnerability has opened me up to experiences I would never have allowed myself to be in before, as I would not have wanted anyone to see me fail. From Salsa dancing to karaoke to riding a bike (that’s a long story), I have conquered fears and experienced new levels of joy that my former need to be in control was blocking from my life.
  • The biggest thing I have learned is that I really like being feminine. In 2015, 90% of the items in my closet consisted of black, beige or stripes. I was projecting a false sense of power and control that was surely blocking people and experiences from my life. These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find many tops or dresses in my wardrobe that aren’t white, pink and/or off-shoulder.

This is she recently after a Polished by tu-anh make-up touch-up before an event.

The best thing about tapping into my feminine power is that it has allowed me to express my more masculine side in business without feeling drained. There is now balance between both sides of my personality.  This new way of being has opened me up to a life that I could not have imagined just three years ago… a life of creativity, passion and self-discovery… a life fully-expressed.

Well, I hope you like what you have read. Stay tuned for the reveal of who this amazing and beautiful soul is on her next phase of feminine power awakened and transformed. 🙂 Until next time…~tu-anh

This is she recently at We Will Survive Cancer Charity event with me.

Her closet is no longer of just black. It is more balanced and stylish now.