Polish Your Space With Goodwill Treasures

Goodwill Before and after Polished by tu-anh
Goodwill Before and after Polished by tu-anh

Part of my life’s mission is not only to bring beauty, sensuality, love, and inspiration from around the world to those around me, but at the same time to be socially responsible while doing so.  One of the ways I give back to the community is by furnishing and decorating our goddess sanctuary with used furniture from Goodwill of Greater Washington.  Goodwill has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. Those were the days when my family did not have much money and resources and we had to be creative with what we had around us.

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Through the Eyes of Frank Nguyen

Glamorous maids.

Earlier this week, you saw the Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show photos from Brian Rayford. Here are some amazing shots from my father. Now you know where I inherited my photography skills from. I actually love the photos and I am not just saying that because he is my father. 🙂 See the rest of the album on my Facebook page by clicking here. Kisses…tu-anh

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