How Much Do You Love Reading?


If you ask my family and close friends, they will probably tell you that I treasure my books and music very much and those are really two things that I do not like to lend out. It is a shame that there are not many music and books stores around anymore and that everyone is doing their shopping online now. But I will always be that person with a large library of books and music.  There is something so therapeutic about holding a book and flipping the pages rather than reading it from a piece of technology. Perhaps it’s just me making up for lost opportunities and feeling deprived of learning from childhood. If you are familiar with my personal story, it will come as no surprise that I did not step into formal education until near the end of 5th grade when I came to the States after leaving Singapore Refugee camp in 1981. That is why, tu-anh Boutique, my goddess sanctuary isn’t just for fashion and beauty, but it is also for your mind, body, and soul. That means the books and music  we carry are each carefully curated: Every book and music in the boutique is aligned with our vision of life and reflect the love I have for learning and growing. Below is just a little sampling of the books we carry. There’s a whole lot more. You should come visit and check them out for yourself.

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Polish Your Space With Goodwill Treasures

Goodwill Before and after Polished by tu-anh
Goodwill Before and after Polished by tu-anh

Part of my life’s mission is not only to bring beauty, sensuality, love, and inspiration from around the world to those around me, but at the same time to be socially responsible while doing so.  One of the ways I give back to the community is by furnishing and decorating our goddess sanctuary with used furniture from Goodwill of Greater Washington.  Goodwill has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. Those were the days when my family did not have much money and resources and we had to be creative with what we had around us.

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