Let Him Lead The Dance!

Letting my swing dance partner Dakota lead. Photo: Saigon Stars Band member, Huynh Minh-Hai.

How do you spend your Friday nights?  I often spend mine dancing for sure!  Dancing not only makes me feel confident and sexy, it also makes my mind and body feel alive and my root chakra balanced.  As you know, when this chakra is healthy, we feel confident in who we are, stable in life, and powerful in spirit.  Well, at least for me I do!

Photo: Saigon Stars Band member, Huynh Minh-Hai. My salsa performance with a friend, Louis.

Dancing is a way for me to express my sensuality and allow my inner divine feminine to come out and play. Partner dancing is my favorite because it is when I can feel safe to let go and just let the titan take charge, which is so refreshing because I am often leading in my life. Besides, if you would like to attract a confident sexy titan who can take the lead when he is called for duty, then you must get in the practice of letting go and just following his lead! And when you dress up and look good, you also will feel good and that will do a lot for your self confidence! Believe me, when you are confident and joyful, that energy is so contagious! You are doing the world good when you have high self esteem!


One extra word of advice to my titans and goddesses: if you would like to improve your relationship in the bedroom, try adding dancing to your workout or as a hobby. Please trust me on this one, why don’t you? (smiles) Hope you like the photos of my dance performances from my recent family reunion party at the Westin Alexandria. Oh and that party was so much fun! More on that in a later post. So I hope you will join me out dancing one Friday night with my goddesses and experience the  Ecstasy for yourself! xoxo… ~tu-anh


Don’t be afraid, he will catch you! Photo by Frank Nguyen.

How Much I Love Old Town Alexandria


I love praying and sitting in silence at Saint Mary’s in the afternoons.

There are so many reasons why I love living in the City of Alexandria and having a business right in Old Town. But here are some visual reasons why I just love being here.  From the architecture to the food choices and being near the waterfront, I could wander around all day and still discover something new and inspiring each time.

In fact, I am so passionate about where I live and work that I will be hosting our very first Nguyen family reunion ever! My family and relatives who had escaped Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon in 1975 will be coming in from all over the world and gathering here. Many of the different generations will be meeting each other for the very first time as well.

I will share more on that event with you soon, but for now, soak in the sun and fun of Alexandria.  I hope you will make the time and visit me at my goddess sanctuary and lifestyle boutique if you are ever in town for any reason.  And if you have any questions about the area or want advice on a restaurant, just let me know. 🙂


A clean and quiet courtyard for your afternoon break!


The homes are beautiful and have a European feel to them.

You can’t come to Old Town without visiting tu-anh goddess sanctuary!


I can stretch and meditate anywhere at anytime!


Resting my Goddess feet from a long walk and watching the sailboats go by is so therapeutic.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church


There is water and greenery!


The colorful and cute homes!


My favorites to eat at Brabo Tasting Room of The Lorien Hotel.

I can play Volleyball right by the water!

I can play Volleyball right by the water!