My Nini Love is Gone…


This was the day she past with her eyes open and that sweet gentle smile with her best young companion, Jack by her side.

Heartache, lies, deception, trust violated, betrayal, and then the loss of my beloved Nini Love. What other unpleasant surprises should I be expecting?

I am not sure about you, but 2017 was definitely not my favorite year. On January 1st, 2018, I sent a request to the Universe that I am ready for love and I want to be free from any emotional and physical attachments that have been holding me from living truly a powerful life. Unexpectedly, within days, my sweet precious, Nini Angel Love left me and this life to fulfill my wish. I was deeply sad and shocked at the same time. Nini was my immortal spiritual animal. She was over 23 years of age! I really thought she would be alive and with me forever. Anyone who is a pet owner and lover, especially of dogs, will understand and feel my pain and sorrow, at times, it felt unbearable.

Nini blessed my life with gentleness, quiet strength, loyalty, and the most beautiful of all, her unconditional love and devotion to me. She touched, inspired and healed many lives she encountered with her peaceful and sweet nature.  I am honored to have had her in my care over the past 13+ years. We went through so much together.

Nini will forever be in my heart and by my side. She truly was my angel protector. I miss her dearly and so much. Her fluffy ashes have been placed with care in a beautiful red heart and I am now able to take her traveling the world with me.  Thank you to all those Nini fans for your kind words and gifts of love to me during this time. Spring is here and my inner Aphrodite will be awakened and alive again very soon. I will be back in full bloom.  If you happen to be in Old Town any Saturdays soon with your dog, please do stop by my sanctuary and say hello.

I will always remember our nature sunshine walks together.