Unblock Your Throat Chakra with Blue!

I love plants and flowers! This is my favorite season for gardening!

In the world of Buddhism, the color blue is the color of purity, tranquility, and of healing the soul. In the history of the United States of America, blue stands for perseverance, vigilance, and justice.  And in my world of love and light, blue represents heaven, truth, honor, freedom, intelligence, kindness, trust, loyalty, and the Mediterranean Sea!

Let’s honor and send gratitude prayers to those who died while serving our country.

On the spiritual level, blue is the color of the Throat Chakra, our communication center. When you can communicate your truth freely and clearly with ease, you will become your most authentic self, the self that you were meant to be. How often do you take the time to listen to your higher self and speak honestly and openly without fear? Do you often express what needs to be expressed and say what needs to be said? If your answers are no, then it means that your Throat Chakra may need some healing and balancing. That is simple and easy to do! Why not start with baby steps by wearing blue? It is my favorite color other than pink.

I love to recharge by the water in silence and under the clear blue sky.

Happy Memorial Weekend! I hope you are enjoying the start of Summer. The photos are compliments of Charles Martin Photography in my favorite blue dresses from our goddess collection at the sanctuary. I hope it inspires you to add more blue in your wardrobe if you are not already doing so. Until next time!

~tu-anh love

Animals, of course are one of the best form of therapy!

It’s Time to Quit Complaining!

IMG_1834Being in the personal and professional development world,  I am often asked whether there is any value to complaining and listening to complaints. After all as Steven Gaffney shares…

“Complaints allow us to be aware of what is on someone’s mind and the act of complaining gives the complainer the opportunity to get things off their chest. The answer is yes, of course. Complaining has its place, and venting can be useful to clear one’s mind. The trouble comes when complaining is recurring, because that’s a signal nothing is getting resolved.” 

I am guilty of venting and sometimes complaining. But since I have a lot of titan energy in me and I am also a fixer and a problem solver, I most often will attempt to get those issues and challenges resolved or fixed.

So how do you deal with someone who is complaining a lot to you about the same issue?

In a recent blog post, Author, Speaker, Leadership Advisor, and Communication Expert Steven Gaffney explains how this behavior can negatively impact the morale, productivity, and growth of an organization.  He offers this advice: “To eliminate and resolve complaining, you have to understand what drives complaints. The number-one reason why people are not able to stop complaining is because they are not dealing with the real underlying issue.”

So if you have someone in your life who is constantly complaining about the same issue, you should have them read Just Be Honest!

Assume That You May Be Wrong…


This is so cute!

This is so cute!

How many relationships in your life have been ruined because you assumed something without finding out the real truth?

How much time, money, and productivity have been wasted at your job due to people making assumptions and acting upon them?

When was the last time you assumed that you may be wrong?

I have experienced all of the above over the years and still experiencing it now almost all the tim. This at times can be quite frustrating.  At the same time, I have in the past also contributed to the assumption community as well in a not so great kind of way.

Out of all the assumptions that communication expert and leadership advisor, Steven Gaffney talks about, my favorite is “Assume You Could Be Wrong”. At work, when we assume that we may be wrong, we would ask all the right questions to get the answers we are looking for and the details that we need before execution.  Have you ever completed a project and later find out it was done completely wrong? What did you learn from that experience? Who were involved and why did that happen?  Was it due to you or others just executing on assumptions rather than going directly to the source to get what you needed? This is often the challenge I face with my creative team members.  Thinking and working like a business person just does not come naturally to them.  Their favorite line is “Yes I can!” Then I discover later that a project was not done correctly to meet my expectations and deadlines. This is usually due to the lack of communication and not embracing the “Assume you could be wrong” mentality.

When we assume we may be wrong, our work and home life would be so much more productive and less stressful. Our relationships would improve, too. For the next 28 days, I invite you to embrace “Assume You May Be Wrong” mentality and start applying it in your life immediately.  Keep me posted on your transformation and the things that come up for you at work and in your personal life. I assure you that if you stay consistent and stick to it, you will see the wonderful changes that will happen. If anything, you will earn respect and admiration from others for taking this on as well as improve your relationships with others.

As for leaders, you will inspire and influence your people and motivate them to do the same when you apply this principle when leading. For more on this topic, I encourage you to visit Steven Gaffney’s website or read his books as he is the expert in this area. He has been my communication and relationship advisor on this journey in the past 10 years. His books are also available in our goddess sanctuary as well since this is something I stick true to.

Until next time… ~tu-anh