Goddess Rule #2 – Honoring Your Body

Aphrodite, the goddess that inspires my life.

Aphrodite, the goddess that inspires my life.

In order to live life like a true goddess, there are 11 rules that you must remember to honor. My post on July 11th, Goddess Rule #1, inspired some of you to make dramatic changes in your life, from pursuing the career of your dreams, to leaving an unsatisfying relationship, to changing your place of residence. I want you to know that it meant a lot to me and I am very proud of you for making those changes. By sharing, you have inspired me as well, more than you think you know.

Today, I am sharing with you Goddess Rule #2 in my book and that rule is Honor Your Body. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and a moment to reflect. Have you given your body the attention and care that it really needs lately?  Without answering, I already know what many of you will say. Most of you my readers, are givers, and you put others’ happiness before your own. Remember the Giving Tree?

In addition to exercising and getting enough sleep, honoring and respecting your body takes many forms. There are 3 most important ones for me. The first is to pay attention to what you eat. Even though you might look great on the outside, if you are not healthy on the inside, then it does not really matter. Believe me, I know this from personal experience. Stay away from unnatural and overly processed and fried foods. When it comes to rich desserts and good wine, how about consuming them in moderation or just cutting them out completely? Being ruled by Venus in my chart, I enjoy those indulgences very much, but I keep them in moderation.

Another important way that you can honor your body is to be selective in the products that you use to wash and moisturize. Most skincare and bath products out on the market are made of mostly alcohol and man-made chemicals. They not only make your skin dry and bring out more wrinkles, but they can also cause future skin irritations and problems. Just like your foods, read the ingredients carefully.  If you cannot eat it and the scent does not awaken your mind and lift your spirit, then do not buy it. More importantly, I truly believe you can heal your mind and body with the right natural products and slow down signs of aging, too. This is why I created my luxurious and natural bath and body collection. Especially after being on my feet styling or hosting a busy work event, I look forward to relaxing in a hot Aphrodite bath under candlelight and to beautiful music. The scent of the essential oils in Aphrodite bath deliquescence is so intoxicating and heavenly that my bath experience is usually a 90-minute goddess experience. After your bath, slip into something soft and natural to allow the skin to breathe. Cotton and silks are my most preferred choices of fabrics to wear.

Lastly, the most important way you can respect and honor your body is by not allowing just anyone to have access to it. If you are married and with someone you are in love with, I am happy for you and that is a beautiful and magical thing. For my single goddesses, you should be selective and protective of sharing your body, especially to titans that are not worth your time or who are not your masculine complement. A true modern day goddess knows herself and does not give easy access to her body to just anyone.  As a matter a fact, I believe that a true modern day goddess would rather wait and preserve her body for the titan of her dreams, the one that she is madly in love with and feel at ease and the safest with, and the one that will walk along the ocean and enjoy the sunset with her always and forever. I know. I am a hopeless romantic at heart. I cannot help it. I always am and always will be.  I have written about this before in my What Not to Do on New Year’s Day list, but it’s worth sharing again 🙂 Until next time…

Draping my body with beautiful clothes and jewels is always a favorite.


A true Goddess only wears what feels good against her skin.


Candlelight Aphrodite bath for the mind and body.


My simple and freshly made salad, all locally grown by farmers.

10 Most Common Fashion Mistakes Women Make In The Workplace (Part 1)

most common fashion mistakes part 1

From a recent Goodwill fashion show that I styled.  These 2 are great fall looks.  Stylish and sophisticated and still professional.  Notice how simple and classy the looks.

In today’s corporate culture, we all know we do not get a second chance to make a first impression.  It’s a proven fact that people have already made up their minds about you within the first 30 seconds.  Your style of dress and grooming can make you or break you.

So…how important is your professional image to you?  Here are the first five of my top ten list of the most common fashion mistakes professional women make in the workplace:

1. Visible bra straps, ill-fitting undergarments, and/or panty lines exposed. Showing bra straps, popping out of your demi-cup bra, or revealing lacy textures under your clothing will encourage your male colleagues to see you as a woman rather than a professional.  When was the last time you got a proper bra fitting?  You can do this at a local lingerie boutique or department store, where you will get the proper bra size and cut for your body.  Invest in some quality bras that are smooth in black, white, and nude colors, and with clear or removable straps.  Also to avoid visible panty lines by wearing smooth nude thongs, boy shorts, girdles, or, most popular currently, SPANX – especially when wearing clothes that are fitted to the body.  It is distasteful and unprofessional to show your undergarments when sitting down or displaying panty lines from behind.

2. Over-accessorizing. When it comes to accessories, keep it simple, timeless, stylish, and feminine. Wearing too much jewelry or loud accessories tells people that you are insecure about your physical assets and you are covering up your body. Use accessories to enhance a conservative outfit or to add a touch of color to a dull suit or some sparkles to a neckline. Wearing earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and rings at the same time is definitely overkill, and I have seen this on many women quite often.

3. Clothes that are too tight. Wearing clothes that fit your body well can enhance your appearance, but that does not mean you need to expose every inch and curve.  Save those looks for parties and nightclubs or for a non-professional environment. If you have gained or lost weight, buy new clothes or get alterations on your current wardrobe.  Wearing clothes too loose can also make you look older, heavier and unpolished.

4. Slips that are too long or too short. Make it a habit to inspect yourself in front of a mirror front and back before walking out of the door and be sure nothing is showing through your garments.  Buy slips in different lengths and in nude, black, and white. You want to mute the sheerness of your garment and not draw attention to the color of what’s underneath.

5. Chipped nail polish, nails that are too long, or tacky nail art. This is definitely an area where I think women really need to pay attention!  Keep your nails clean and tasteful.  A clear coat or a French manicure is always classy.  Or wear no polish at all but keep the nails buffed and clean. If you like red nail polish, then keep  nails short or only 1/8 of an inch over your nailbed.  Anything longer will look vulgar, unsophisticated, and unpolished.  If you are unsure, pick up a copy of Vogue, Bazaar, or InStyle Magazine for reference.

Does any of these five speak to you?  Do you see your boss or co-workers making these mistakes?  Perhaps you can share this post with them if you don’t want to be too direct.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of this in next week’s post.