Traveling in Style


Hiking in the town of Cabrera, DR. The cutie in the back wants my hat! (Photo: Colleen Wolak)

Greetings, it has been awhile, and I am back from a much needed Goddess sabbatical. If you live where I live – or have traveled to many major cities – I will bet that you have come across people who you instantly know are tourists, especially the North Americans (*smiles*).  I really never understood the concept of the unattractive hip packs, the over-sized sweatshirts and loose fitting t-shirts, the heavy and bulky looking sneakers, and the funny-shaped baseball caps.  Certainly, there are so many options out there for comfortable and stylish clothing, footwear, and accessories for travel. I am not certain why people on holiday still dress in such odd and unpolished ways.  Perhaps they do not have a clue, or perhaps they are simply following what is portrayed in the films of the tourist characters.

As for myself, when I am traveling, I usually take into account where I will be traveling to: the weather, the culture, the people, and how they express their sense of style. From there, I adjust my individual style to fit in while still keeping it simple, unique, comfortable, and certainly easy to pack and wash by hand.

I hope you like the looks in this post from my recent goddess travels including the Awakened Retreat I hosted in Cabrera, a quiet and pretty town in the Dominican Republic.  I like keeping my inner goddess happy with clothing that feels soft and luxurious against my skin, easy to slip on and off and that allows me to breathe freely. Cotton, silk, rayons, and slinky silky knits are usually my favorites to wear. Most importantly, I never travel without a pair of my oh so comfortable stylish leather sandals handmade in Mykonos.

Think about where your next travels might take you – How will you pack for it?  What will you be wearing? If you need assistance, let me know. My style goddesses and I would find delight in helping you. Many of the clothes and accessories in this post are from my goddess sanctuary, tu-anh Boutique.  If you do not live near Old Town Alexandria, you can always shop online instead.

My favorite spot on the villa to recharge (Photo: Ryann Doyle)


Sweaty from the hike, but happy and resting by the waterfall. (Photo: Ryann Doyle)

Cotton Crochet bag from Mexico and comfy sandals from Mykonos are my travel musts.

With Nha Nha, the villa pet that I fell in love with in Cabrera. (Photo: Regina)

Moi in the backyard of my parent’s home in Florida. (Photo: Yanni Nguyen)

Leaning, smiling, and pretending not to be afraid of falling backwards. 🙂 (Photo: Maria Leiva)

Hiking Retreat in Laguna Beach on New Year’s week of 2017.

Hiking Retreat at the top of the world with the Pearl Laguna in California.

Enjoying the beautiful day walking around Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo before my goddess retreat. (Photo: Cesar)

New Year, New Beginning, New Goddess


Ending a 3.5 hour hike in the mountains with yoga stretches on the beach is so refreshing and rejuvenating.

The past three years have been a very interesting journey for me. Divorcing my soulmate and best friend, moving into a new home without a garden, launching my goddess sanctuary and lifestyle boutique, and dealing with the ups and downs along the way…all of this made me even stronger, more grounded, and more in touch with myself and who I am and what my sole purpose in life is.

On New Year’s Eve back in 2014, I decided to deepen my spirituality and go within myself by attending a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation session to ring in 2015 with the sound of the Gong and soul-provoking and beautiful music followed by cookies and tea and powerful affirmations. Did I achieve all that I set out to do in 2015? On the professional side, I believe so, since I feel that I am growing a strong team. On the personal side…let’s just say that in 2016 it will be more of a priority.

This year, to continue the tradition of raising my vibrations and rejuvenating my inner goddess as well as deepening the relationship with myself, I went to the most amazing and life changing Yoga, Hiking, and Cleansing retreat at The Pearl Laguna. It was probably the most fulfilling trip I have ever had on every level: mentally, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and professionally.  I will share with you in a later post my experience and how being there helped me to see things so clearly for my business and my personal life. While there, I was able to recharge, rejuvenate, and simply just let go and not feel the need to be in control all the time.  It was so refreshing and great to be on a routine and having others take care of and pamper me, something I am learning to embrace. In addition to that, being around people that are self-aware, embrace spirituality and wellness, have purpose, and care about making this world a better place was so empowering. Even though I went by myself, I never felt alone.

My New Year’s Day this year started with Power Yoga, a healthy breakfast, a seven-mile hike in the canyons of Laguna Beach, California, a healthy lunch, afternoon massage and sauna, a beautiful and wholesome vegetarian dinner, and the evening ended with an energy healing workshop by the fire and then of course my nightly meditation before resting my eyes and body.  Sounds magical and goddessly, doesn’t it? In short: it was a perfect and super healthy way to start my 2016!

I will share more from this profound experience soon, but for now I have to say that during this trip, my life’s vision and mission became even clearer to me.  And surely, so did the vision for my love life.  I don’t want to give away too much yet, but I will share that I was in the home of a twin flame couple, the ideal relationship that I would like to attract for myself and I am so excited! In the meantime, I did put photos from my retreat on my personal Facebook page. I hope you enjoy it and consider going to The Pearl Laguna and experiencing this for yourself.

As for you, my readers, have you thought about 2016 and what your focus or mantra will be?

I made a list of things for myself below and I wanted share these with you:

  1. My health. I want to get in shape, eat well, sleep well, exercise, and continue to do the things I love.
  2. An image make over. Now that I am becoming a fully awakened Goddess, I will have to look more like one. What will I do with my hair, make up, and clothing style in 2016?  Stay tuned… 🙂
  3. Relax more, let go, and release.  Part of this will be allowing others to take care of me and letting go of the need to be in control and that will not be easy for sure.
  4. Dance more as if the whole world is watching… 🙂
  5. Let the heart rule, not the head. 

This is just one example of a healthy organic breakfast that is presented like a work of art at the Pearl Laguna.

A beautiful morning view on my daily hike.

A beautiful morning view on my daily hike.


Having fresh flowers throughout the space and in every room made the experience even more Goddessly for me there.


It was my first time on a real hike ever in my life and I can tell you that I will be hiking a lot more this year if the view is always this beautiful. 🙂