Channel Your Inner Goddess Through Music



Applying Earth Goddess is a must do preparation for me before each meditation. Even when on travels, I still do not forget to meditate daily but most often in the evenings.

Meditation did not come so easy for me when I first started about 4 years ago. It was very difficult to just sit still in silence and emptiness.  But through much practice and a lot of focus on my breathing, I became quite good at it. Today, more than yoga, meditation is part of my daily ritual to deepen my spirituality and connect with my inner goddess energy.  As a lover of beautiful music, I choose to meditate with it rather than in silence. Meditating to beautiful music is so therapeutic and healing.  Below are a few of my favorite meditation music that I would like to share with you. They ignite the sensuality inside me and awaken my soul.  I hope you like what you hear and feel as connected to your heart energy as I often do. And please do share your meditation favorites, too.

Chemistry Is Everything in a Relationship

Painting by Stefan Kuhn, perfect for bringing intimacy into your love life

Art by Stefan Kuhn

Earlier this week, I shared with you Earth Goddess, and I received quite a few emails from the ladies around the world about how excited they are to try the luxurious and healing body creme. Today, after months of testing and weeks of surveying on the name, I am proud to present to you:


An intense spark between two beings that words cannot express, sometimes fleeting, but most often, intoxicating.

Emotionally healing and luxurious whipped body creme made with love from essential oils

Do you feel intoxicated already just from reading the words? I am sure all or some of you have, at one point in your life, experienced that intense and profound connection with another human being.  I know I have. That is where I got the inspiration for the words above. The essential oils and ingredients in this mix are combined together with one purpose in mind. That is to help you attract more intimacy and love into your life and help bring out the inner titan and goddess within you. If you are currently in a romantic relationship, Chemistry will deepen that bond you currently have. Who would not want that? Don’t we all have the desire to experience that chemistry with another being?

The bedroom is a sacred and special place where we let our vulnerability exposed with our significant other or the object of our desire in the most intimate way. It should make you feel sensual, romantic, and free to express your vulnerability. I hope you like the art above by Stefan Kuhn.

I finalized the recipe for Chemistry yesterday and it is going into packaging and will be in our boutique by November 1. I can’t wait to see your expression when you massage it onto your skin.