Longest Living Sleeping Chihuahua

Nini sleeping in the car during rush hour traffic to work with me.

While Megabyte (what a name!) might be the longest-living Chihuahua officially on record, I think my beloved Nini could definitely beat that record.  Nini is my spiritual animal, and the longest, most loyal, dedicated relationship I have had in my life, second to the one with my parents.  I attribute her longevity not just to the usual things – lots of love and high-quality, clean food, not to mention that I cook real delicious human food for her as well – but also to her surroundings and lifestyle.  What are her secrets for such longevity?  Below are just a few.

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Heal Your Body With Luxury

Vanilla, lavender, and patchouli bath fizzies from my Aphrodite garden
Vanilla, lavender, and patchouli bath fizzies with lavender and roses from my garden

If you have been following my recent posts, you saw the debut of “Earth Goddess” and “Chemistry“- the custom scents from my aromatherapy body luxury collection that we will be selling at tu-anh boutique. Here are a few more from the collection. These products were exclusively made for tu-anh boutique from my original, secret recipes. They are made from natural ingredients, including herbs and florals hand-picked and prepared by me from my very own Aphrodite garden.  Make bathing yourself an intimate and sensual ritual that you do regularly to nurture your spirit.  Our bath luxuries have a relaxing, sensual, and mood-enhancing effect- perfect for the end of a long day. Not to mention how great they smell and how your skin will glow.  Make sure to have candles and soft music to make it a complete experience.

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