My 4th Birthday and Anniversary!

Photo by Liz Beth

Dearest readers,

Today marks 4 years exactly since I published my first blog post. I am so grateful to all of you for your ongoing love and support – without you following me on my God-protected, angel-covered path, it certainly would not have been so magical. Nothing brings me more joy than hearing from you about how reading my posts and following my journey have transformed and inspired your life for the better.

I love how my audience comes back to me and shares how much happier and alive their longtime marriages have become; how much more productive and energized they are at work because of open and honest communication; how much more fun they are having in their lives by just appreciating the simple little things; how candlelight and essential oils bath experiences have melted away their tensions, helping them to release their fears; how meditation has made them more aware and more present to those they love; how keeping a gratitude journal has healed their souls and turned them into more vibrant and joyful people; how clean eating has done wonders for their bodies and their health; how travel experiences have enriched their lives; how they have discovered their inner truths…and how now every second alive is a fantastic and purposeful adventure!

I want my readers to desire and have a passion for life and its beauty the way that I do: to stop and smell the fragrant blossoming flowers, to lay on the lush green grass enjoying the sunshine, watching the birds fly with their sweet chirping songs, to take your nature healing walks and stop along the way observing the busy bees at work and the butterflies flirting their ways around the trees. When you tell me how incorporating spontaneity, dancing, writing, reading, prayers and meditation, therapeutic chakra balancing walks, playful time with children and animals have awakened your heart and soul in enchanting ways which you cannot even explain – well, that is when I know that my divine mission and purpose are being accomplished.

I am a big fan of self-improvement and self-healing.  And reading positive, inspirational books and listening to beautiful music cure so many of my stresses and worries. What excites me is when you share how having a passionate love affair with yourself has made a difference in all of your relationships, and you no longer play the blame or shame game. That is exactly what I would like to hear. And sometimes, you feel like you are living in a dream. But my dearest, I am hear to tell you that self-love is so powerful and the best gift you can ever give to yourself and to this negativity-filled world. Watch how your life will indeed become a dream come true! It is when we learn to take care of our minds, our bodies, our souls, confront our fears, accept what we cannot change or possess, and live in harmony with nature that we merge and become one spirit with God.  When we understand that God and the angels are always around to protect and shine their light on us, and that life has so many beautiful reasons to be happy, when we practice forgiveness and move forward in love with a spirit of generosity, compassion and gratitude, then we are truly living life to its fullest!

My dear readers, I am so happy to see that for the past 4 years, you have followed this journey with me and that little by little, it has transformed your lives. Thank you for continuing to share with me. For 4 years, I have shared with you my secrets, my light, my dreams, my sorrows, my inner darkness, my passions, and my goddess love with an open heart and mind, wishing you all to rise to your fullest potential and highest selves.

When I think about all the blogs I have written – open love letters describing my passions, experiences, my guidance, my curiosities, even my fears and sadness – I gush in delight because I see how far I have come, where I have been and how much more I want to explore and learn in this life. I am a creative enthusiast at heart and I am inviting you, if you are not already there, to embrace a relationship with your creative side. Sing, paint, draw, write, dance, cook, design, play an instrument, practice photography, and whatever else that brings pleasure to you. Get ready to experience the magic behind smiling and how much more meaningful and fulfilling your life will truly become.

When we spend our lives celebrating all the “little things,” our wounds will heal themselves, that spark in our eyes will shine through, and our lives will become more balanced and harmonious. I am dedicated and forever committed to providing you with the heavenly ingredients of attaining a life of love, beauty, grace, and happiness, which – as has been proven over and over again – has very little to do with how much money or material things we have and much more to do with living a peaceful and purposeful life.  I have gained this fascinating knowledge since childhood about how to live joyfully with nothing or with very little, and yet feel so rich, enlightened, happy, alive and blessed. Living our truth and spreading our love and light without fear are far more important than acquiring material wealth. This theme is repeated throughout my blogs and I hope to instill in you the willpower and zeal to achieve happiness and enlightenment.

This blog for me has been a remarkable testimony of self-love, self-expression, self-discovery, healing, growth, illumination, empowerment, resiliency, and welcoming of my goddess power from within to emerge and give rebirth to my life… one loving moment at a time. I have enjoyed giving you a glimpse into my whimsical world full of wonders and surprises, sharing my tips for peaceful, positive, and productive living, while happily exposing you to what romances me and to, of course, the most powerful force of all: Self-Love.

These past 4 years, I have read every single email, answered every question, and responded to all your comments, including those on my social media, with keen attention and a very open mind and heart because I learn so much from all of you and am wholeheartedly inspired by you. I appreciate all my intelligent, sophisticated, cultured, beautiful followers from all over the world, many of whom have now become kindred spirits and modern-day angelic presences in my life.

To all of you, I and Nini Love thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish for you the greatest of love and happiness forevermore. Now at 45 and born again, I am so excited to share the beginning of my Queen-Goddess, divinely guided life with you. I invite you to stay with me during this expedition of unconditional love, beauty, self-discovery and celebration of life. The goddess within has fully risen, I am ecstatic to see what is next to come in this chapter of life and of course, will be sharing everything with you along this exquisite and awakening journey.

Thank you again for your support. Let us spread the power and joy together!

Love Always,


Delos Island

La Casa Que Canta

Can you see the heart floating?

Greek Salad is my favorite

Nini loves to be around me when I am working.

Introducing Hunter…The Other Half of Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess is no longer lonely by herself.

Earth Goddess is no longer lonely. She has an equal by her side.

Earth Goddess: a sensuous symbol of life; a woman adored by men for her beauty and confidence. 

Hunter: a man of stamina admired for his strength, focus, and discipline. 

Although I created our goddess sanctuary with the modern day woman in mind, we have been attracting many sophisticated modern men, too. Interestingly, many of the gentlemen shoppers really love our Earth Goddess body luxury therapeutic creme. Earth Goddess’s natural ingredients was created to help heal and balance the heart chakra so that one can give and receive love freely without any emotional constraints.  I am sure you can relate to what I mean if you have been a giver all your life.  With all that in mind, every Yin has a Yang. I was inspired to launch Hunter so that Earth Goddess is no longer lonely.

Hunter was born on New Year’s day of 2015 at The Brabo Tasting Room.  I was having lunch with a girlfriend there after a nice massage at the Lorien Hotel Spa. It was not very crowded, but a bunch of nice, educated cosmopolitan men there. So I let them sample the scent of Earth Goddess and asked them if they were to think of a name for the opposite sex that is her equal, what would it be? I got all kinds of names from the men, but it was Brian, the smart, quick on his feet and outgoing bartender that was so helpful. He filled my brain with adjectives that described what Earth Goddess reminded him of. And so I screamed out HUNTER!!!! And so, the next few months was spent on perfecting Hunter with the same ingredients in Earth Goddess.

Hunter also helps to heal and balance a man’s heart chakra so that he can open up his heart and embrace his emotions with the woman he adores. The ingredients include:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil for anti-aging
  • Avocado Oil for extra moisturizing and healing of the skin
  • Vanilla essential oil reduces stress and increase sexual desires
  • Lavender essential oil soothes the mind and reduces redness and inflammation
  • Eucalyptus essential oil helps with mental exhaustion, fever, and muscle pains
  • Sandalwood essential oil induces calmness, concentration, positive thoughts and reduces anxiety as well as cures colds and infections

Hunter, like all of our body cremes, is therapeutic, emotionally healing, and designed to preserve youthfulness and well being while stimulating your mind and open your heart.  So gentlemen, you may now purchase Hunter for yourselves and leave Earth Goddess for your other halves!


Earth Goddess kept the mosquitoes away from me while we were in Mexico.


My earth goddess self at my other favorite sanctuary, La Casa Que Canta.

3 Things I Will Do Before The New Year

IMG_9218By now, you have already figured out that I am a very spiritual person and a big believer of Feng Shui and how it can affect your life both bad and good. Although I have been extremely busy with our new boutique and showroom, I am making time each day, little by little, to do the following before the New Year.

This year has been an emotional roller coaster ride both filled with challenges and excitement, but I believe everything that happened was meant to be. I feel like I am forever going through God’s life academy. With each new day, I feel a little wiser and closer to the divine purpose that God has designed for me. So 2015 is the year where I will begin a new life chapter from a blank canvas. My first priority will be my health, my emotional well being, my family, my relationship with God, and finally, focusing on my first self help book.  So out with the old and in with the new. Thought I would share with you the three things I am doing before the new year arrives. I hope you will join along with me.

1. Declutter, clean, and organize.  And I mean in that exact order.  Start with your car since it is small, then your office, then your home, especially the bedroom and closets. Make sure to donate or throw out things that you no longer have use for. Ladies, please make sure you do that with your cosmetics, too. Some of you are guilty of holding on to cosmetics for years and that is not good for your skin. Remember to open all your windows for fresh air while doing so.

2. Cleansing and detox bath with fresh lemon, sea salt, almond oil, and essential oils. I have been making time at least once a week on a quiet evening, away from distractions for my healing bath using our deliquescences enriched with some of my favorite essential oils.  Aphrodite, Chemistry, and Earth Goddess from our bath collection are my three favorites. Make sure to allow time for your baths. Simply just relax and soak your tense body in very warm water, close your eyes, and reflect on your 2014…let go of what no longer serves you. Then dream and visualize all the good things that will take place in your life for 2015 and meditate on that. Celebrate it. I can tell you that everything I dream about comes to life.  Honestly.

3. Close and wrap up unfinished business and personal relationships.  At the moment, I feel internally strong as I am externally. Therefore, I don’t have or attract any negativity in my life. Ever since our sanctuary for the modern-day goddess opened, and soon to be the future home for the titans, not one single negative soul has entered our door.  So these last days before the new year, I am just wrapping up some business projects and making sure the clients are happy and things are polished and completed, or discarding ideas that were not put into action for future use. As for personal relationships, I am not really sure if I have relationships that need closure. It’s really more the relationship within me, my inner goddess that I have been neglecting due to putting others’ happiness as first priority.  That is why 2015 will be the “tu-anh” year. I will be feeding my inner twin with love, health, balance and strength so that in return, she has the power to do the same for the world.

Simple and easy, isn’t it? I am sure you have your own list, too. Please share!  Happy Holidays! Enjoy the video below from one of my bath experiences. Watch how sensual aphrodite deliquescence dissapears in the water.