Longest Living Sleeping Chihuahua

Nini sleeping in the car during rush hour traffic to work with me.

While Megabyte (what a name!) might be the longest-living Chihuahua officially on record, I think my beloved Nini could definitely beat that record.  Nini is my spiritual animal, and the longest, most loyal, dedicated relationship I have had in my life, second to the one with my parents.  I attribute her longevity not just to the usual things – lots of love and high-quality, clean food, not to mention that I cook real delicious human food for her as well – but also to her surroundings and lifestyle.  What are her secrets for such longevity?  Below are just a few.

  1. Comfort Luxury: If she is not sleeping with me in my comfortable bed, then she is sleeping somewhere in her own little chihuahua luxury. This is important for napping and resting (of which she does daily and almost too much), and also for her joints.  She loves nothing more than circling around and curling up in her beds, and she is just the cutest ever!
  2. Beautiful Surroundings: Just like her goddess mistress, she likes her place of rest to be clean, simple, zen, and free from clutter with pretty plants and flowers. That is why she is so calm and never stressed or anxious like other dogs I have been around.
  3. Classical Music: I love all kinds of music, but what I listen to most often at work and at home in the background is classical or beautiful New Age and World Jazz playing in the background.  And if Nini is around me, she always gets the pleasure of that, too. It keeps me calm and at peace.
  4. Aromatherapy for a sense of zen: I am a lover of all things natural and created by God and Mother Nature. I try my best to live as clean and free from chemicals and dirty polluted air as possible. I am also very sensitive to unpleasant smells. So I love using essential oils to keep my work and home smelling luxurious and heavenly while healing and giving balance to my chakras, as well as harmonizing and promoting good health for my body, mind, and spirit.  Nini is blessed to be experiencing this along with me.
  5. Children Love: You already know I love children because they are such beautiful and pure little angelic souls, and they are so uplifting to be around. Besides, children keep us young and on our toes. Nini loves affection and is surrounded by adorable sweet children daily when I take her for her walks. The little children in the park always run up and ask me if they can hold her, touch her, pet her, give her kisses and rub her soft and voluptuous body. It is as though she gets free massages daily and it is not always from me. 🙂
  6. Goddess Pet Bath Luxuries: Lastly, once a week, I give Nini a relaxing and soul awakening bath with my body luxury products made from natural flowers, herbs, and oils which are good for both humans and animals alike!

I believe any of these are things that you, too, can do to live a long and zen life.  Why not take some time out for a luxurious bath and some aromatherapy one evening?  Nini would join you if she could. 🙂

When it is cold out, Nini refuses to walk. I often have to carry her 🙂

Heal Your Wounded Heart With Music

IMG_8287It has been awhile since I have written. I have not been feeling much inspiration to write or blog lately. It could be the winter blues or the lack of Vitamin D. Perhaps my heart may be a bit wounded at the moment. I am taking this time to go deep within and do a little bit of soul searching and even a little life/relationship assessment on myself.  All I can say is that I am pleased with myself for putting the ego aside and letting my heart rule rather than my head. If you are going through what I am going through right now, I thought you might like some of my favorite songs below to help in healing your heart…candles, aromatherapy, and your dog or cat would help too. 🙂

Lord of the Rings – Evenstar

Lotus Secret Garden

Ajai Alai – Mirabai Ceiba

hMantra Music: Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur

RaMaDaSa – Snatam Kaur – Love Vibration

Karunesh-Monsoon’s Dance

Nini broken hearted too :(

Nini broken hearted too 😦

Stop and Smell the Oils

IMG_5177I am happy to say that our newly launched aromatherapy body luxury collection of cremes, soaps, and bath deliquescences are getting an amazing response.  And most surprisingly, the men really appreciate it much more than I thought. They are using it not just on their bodies, but as face creams, too. 🙂 For those of you who have been asking, I am in the works of creating candles and fragrances for Chemistry, Earth Goddess, and Arabian Night. Titan and Muse body luxury collection will be out later in 2015. But in the meantime, we just started carrying 21 Drops essential oil therapy.  Read below from India K. Robinson, their enthusiastic and passionate brand representative.

You don’t have to be scientifically savvy to understand that our senses play a major role in how we function on a daily basis. What we see, smell, hear, taste, and touch affects how we feel at any given moment. If you close your eyes and take a deep breath, that experience of inhalation can impact your entire mood. Some scents may invoke a memory (good or bad), while others may have an immediate impact on your wellbeing.

One of the most effective ways to receive the benefits derived from essential oil therapy is by inhaling it through the nose. Our sense of smell triggers signals to our brain, which directly affect our mind and body. It’s pretty amazing how the scents from essential oils can help relieve stress, balance hormonal changes, improve clarity and focus, provide emotional support, aid in physical ailments, increase energy and motivation, uplift your spirit, and assist with a restful sleep.

With a combination of inhalation through the olfactory system and topical absorption through the skin, 21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy offers you 21 natural solutions for a healthier mind and body. tu-anh boutique now features seven of the 21 Drops blends that modern day goddesses and titans can easily integrate into their daily lifestyle. They include: 03 Strength, 06 Passion, 09 Focus, 10 Calm, 12 Uplift, 16 Transform, and 18 Sleep.

The secure portable rollerball is colorful, easy to use, and highly effective. Pre-blended in 100% organic Jojoba oil, 21 Drops can easily be placed aside your bed, in your pocket, at your desk, or in a gym bag/purse. Perfect for the professional on the go, business traveler, yogi, athlete, teens, and spa/health junkie. Roll On. Inhale.

India K. Robinson is a 21 Drops representative and she’ll be on-site at our Goddess Holiday Shopping Celebration this Sunday from 1-5pm to let us sample these products and answer your questions! India is a spa bunny and a lover of essential oils therapy. Learn more about how essential oils work at: http://www.21drops.com/how-essential-oils-work/