For the Love of a Red Dress

Nothing better than being in a red dress surrounded by all things masculine!

With the hot summer coming soon, I am looking forward to the warm sexy days where I can just toss on a beautiful dress and my hand-made Grecian sandals, and out the door I go.  I have always loved the ease and feminine appeal of dresses, and red is one of my favorite hues.  There’s something about a woman in a red dress that is so powerful and alluring, don’t you think?

Take a look at the mini film below that is part of my new tu-anh Boutique YouTube video series. In it, I’ve styled model Alex Marie in a long, sexy cotton Greek Goddess dress, which is perfect for hot summer nights out, a Sunday brunch in Alexandria, or a sexy date at home with yourself on the couch with champagne and candlelight.  Or, if you are having a day where you don’t feel your best self, I suggest you put on something with the color red. Doing so boosts your confidence, your power, and your passionate side, and helps you awaken your inner feminine divine.  Doesn’t Alex Marie look like she is ready to take on the world in my video below?

How are you styling your wardrobe for the summer? Is there red in your closet? I always love the fashion inspiration my fans provide, as well as the inspiration from the places I travel to!

The red section is a staple at our sanctuary.

Let’s Get To Work!


Alex and Jen modeling Goodwill dresses in a recent photo shoot at our studio.

If you have been following my recent posts, you know that it’s time for the Goodwill fashion show again! For those of you who attended last year and told me that it was the best one ever, I cannot wait to surprise you again this year.  And if you missed last year’s amazing event, you definitely need to get your tickets before it sells out again.

Speaking of raising money for a great cause, have you seen Goodwill of Greater Washington in the news this past week? A three-carat diamond ring was anonymously donated to the Annandale store! I wonder if it is someone’s engagement ring…  Well at least they are donating it to help the community. 🙂 The ring is being auctioned off on their online site, and so far, bids have already reached over $9,000. How great is that? My mother is a diamond expert. I will have to tell her about it.

Not only will I be the creative vision behind this year’s fashion show, but I have also been working with my team on decorating our new tu-anh boutique with Goodwill furniture.  We are going to give all the shelves and racks found at Goodwill the Polished by tu-anh transformation to fit into our beautiful boutique. (see photo below of the process)

What can you do to support Goodwill’s mission? Start by coming to the Fashion show on September 17! Get your tickets early-we expect that it will sell out once again. See you there! xoxo…tu-anh

photo (7)

Interns giving the Polished by tu-anh love and finishing touch.