How to Attract and Keep a Taurus Goddess Happy!


We love candles and fresh flowers!

On behalf of my Taurus sister goddesses, I am dedicating this post to all the titans out there who have not had much luck in attracting and keeping a Taurus goddess in a romantic relationship. The good news is that there is hope. We just have to share with you a few simple secrets that you can try out. Honestly, we are what you see is what you get goddesses. Just keep reading this post and you will know how. Soon you will be the titan that your Taurus goddess adores and you can thank me with flowers and chocolates later. (smiles)

To understand a Taurus goddess, you must first know that she is a fixed earth sign, and she is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality. Born during the most beautiful season of the year, between April 20 and May 20, she is earthy, grounded, loyal, loving, dependable, practical, persistent, independent, creative, pure-hearted, and deeply a romantic at heart.  She can also be very determined and, at times, can come across as stubborn. Once her mind is made up, it is often difficult to convince her to change it, especially when she has decided she is done with you. There is no turning back and it will take a whole lot of convincing.

Taurus goddesses love all things beautiful and of quality. That includes the things and people that she surrounds herself with. She is the most sensual goddess out of the zodiac. So anything of pleasure, comfort, and pleasing to the senses will catch her attention. Even though she is modern and forward thinking, she still appreciates old fashion courtship and chivalry. So little thoughtful actions such as opening the door for her, walking her to her car, and calling her after a date to make sure she arrived safely home mean more to her than any expensive gifts that you can ever buy.

Taurus goddesses are ultra-feminine and quite popular with the opposite sex. So if you are really interested in getting our attention, you must stand out from the rest. Read the following to learn how:

Masculinity: No matter what….never give your alpha-maleness and masculine-titan-power away! But make sure that when in private, you are capable of being sweet, sensitive and emotional. We will never leave your for sure!

Chivalry: I would much prefer to have a Knight by my side than a King. 🙂 One of the things I am most bothered by is when a titan does not have polished street manners. I personally have experienced this as well as seen it. The goddess must always walk on the protected side of the street, does not matter left or right in my opinion. It is a turn off when a titan does not pay attention to that. Not only does a goddess in his company looks bad, but he also looks bad as well.

Honesty: Game playing and secrets are not appealing to us. Be open, be honest, and be real. That is a real titan!

Confidence: You can be confident without being arrogant. Speaking your mind when something bothers you is quite attractive.

Generosity: No goddess wants to be with a cheap and calculating titan. And no matter how many times she offers, do not ever let her pay for you in public! You will for sure end up in the forever friend zone. (Ex. if you are out with a goddess and her girlfriends, you must take care of all of them as well, not just her!)

Kindness: We judge you not only on how you treat us, but also how you treat those around you, and that includes children, plants and animals!

Intelligence: We like you to be intelligent, but not nerdy and awkward.

Security: Although we are very capable of taking care of ourselves, we like to feel safe and protected. Knowing that you are good with finances makes us feel comforted that our future with you will be provided for if we need to be a goddess mom or a full-time domesticated goddess.

Conversations: We love a titan who can engage in conversations of all sorts and if he is a good listener, WOW!

Grooming: It is very attractive when a titan takes care of his appearance and health. But remember, we would not want you to spend more time infront of the mirror than we do.

Good Food: We love good quality and whole foods and of variety.

Family: We love our families and are attached to them. So you must love our family as well as be close to yours. If you are with us, we would expect to meet your family or bring you around to ours.

Privacy: Keep things just between us and no one else. Quiet times together are ideal, especially long walks in nature or by the water or just in bed cuddling and small talks.

Romance: This is almost as important as chivalry. You must shower us with hugs, kisses, flowers, comfort and little luxuries. (Ex. Candle light dinners for two at home with soft music playing in the background is a must!

Be Passionate in the bedroom: This is last, but probably one of the most important if you want a Taurus goddess to be a forever loyal lover to you. We are very sensual beings, we love experiencing pleasure. We like things slow, passionate, tender and intimate, yet intense. We like things natural. So toys and funny looking objects don’t do anything for our senses. You must seduce, entice, and tease us. Take the time to feel every minute of what you are experiencing with us behind the bedroom door. Be spontaneous, adventurous, go with the flow, let your heart rule when making love to us, not your head. And if you need guidance, ask us for directions or read the Kama Sutra!

We love white and cotton sheets! Comfort luxury for sure!

We love white and cotton sheets! Comfort luxury for sure!

I hope this was helpful. If you are currently dating or married to a Taurus goddess, consider yourself very blessed! Some of the zodiac signs that we are quite compatible with romantically are Cancers, Virgos, and Capricorns. Although the ideal match for us would be Virgo and Cancer combined to make a perfect titan. 🙂

Oh and one more thing that I forgot to mention and I think you should know. It takes a lot to get a us upset because we are naturally very loving and prefer peace over war by nature and we can tolerate a lot. But if you disrespect us and push our limits, we will be worse than fire, windstorm and thunder all together. 🙂

Until next time and Happy Birthday, Taurus Goddesses!

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