Goddess Shopping and Designing in Mexico


From our Resort and Early Spring Collection, cotton dress made in India and hat hand-made in Mexico.

One of the things I love so much about traveling besides experiencing the food, the music, the people and the culture overall of the place I am visiting is the chance to shop for beautiful hand-made things. To continue raising my goddess vibration from my recent New Year’s Wellness Retreat, I have decided to go back to my Winter Sanctuary in Mexico at La Casa Que Canta for a work and play retreat. This so far has been so wonderful. I feel not only healthy and happy, but so full of life and creativity. I have been so inspired on this trip that I am creating a beautiful and goddessly collection of jewels that I cannot wait to bring back to our Goddess Sanctuary and share it with our style goddess fans. Here are just a few photos I want to share with you so you can experience a little of Mexico.


A glimpse into my goddess collection of jewels I am designing while in Mexico.


Julianne and I heading out shopping on a beautiful Monday.


I purchased some of these great hand-made hats for our titan fans.


Style Goddess Julianne in the beautiful Mexican sun wearing the hand-made hat that will be in our Spring Collection and one of our unique dresses.


Hand-made girlie bracelets for our young goddess fans.

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