When in Doubt, Wear Black

Every woman has done this: you walk to your closet, look at all your clothes, and say to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!”  But you always have something chic to throw on if you build your wardrobe around certain essentials, especially black. You know you will always be safe with black. It makes you look polished, sophisticated, professional, and slim. Black is timeless and elegantly chic.  When you are unsure what to wear to work for that high-level meeting, throw on a black power suit with some black lace underneath and you are all set. See below for some of my favorite essentials in black from our boutique. Oh and remember to keep the make-up clean and understated so you don’t look  too intense. 🙂


Ryann in her black power suit with our stretchy lace body suit underneath.


This is great under a suit with a black bra underneath and jacket off to go dancing.


You will have to try this bodysuit. The lace is very comfortable.


Add to your black with a tu-anh necklace


One of our shoppers having fun trying on this lace dress with sheer sleeves.


This is one of my favorite for an elegant holiday dress. I love it.


Or go all matching in black, one of the chokers I bought I Seville.

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