Flawless Faces by tu-anh

Our boutique has officially been open for a little over a month now and I have polished hundreds of beautiful faces. As I see it, applying make-up should be a fun and effortless feminine activity that enhances your beauty. There is no need to overdo it. If it takes you 30 minutes or more to put on make-up before walking out the door, then you are doing too much. (Well, unless it is an activity that puts you in touch with your inner goddess!)

As for teens, I usually put a little concealer, powder, blush, gloss, and mascara. That is all they need, sometimes no powder or blush is even needed as they usually have a perfect complexion. Check out the photos below and see for yourself.




Client Profile


No eyeshadows needed.



Transformed in 20 minutes.


Transformed in less than 10 minutes.


Again, no eyeshadows needed.


Our oldest shopper at 88 years old and my new best friend from New York.


Our cosmetics are organic and natural and even the colors.


6 thoughts on “Flawless Faces by tu-anh

  1. Great post – love the message that you’re trying to get across and beautiful makeup looks – I especially like look 1’s vintage red lip x

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