Welcome To Old Town, tu-anh!


Our team of beautiful and sweet goddesses ready to serve you.

Well, we made it! tu-anh is now open for business! We had a super busy grand opening.  Our doors did not close until almost midnight on both days, but it was worth it because the guests really enjoyed themselves.  Here are some photos of tu-anh boutique opening this past weekend, very emotional for my team and I.  I will be sharing more later.  If you missed the grand opening, you can still come by Old Town Alexandria any time Wed-Fri from 12-9pm and visit us. If you want to make sure I am there to assist you, then email or call to schedule ahead, otherwise, any of our goddesses will gladly give you the full tu-anh experience.  Until next time. xo tu-anh


Feng Shui Ceremony with Dr. Lu on November 1, 2014

Make-up should be to enhance your features and bring out your beauty.


Model Victoria Chang bought this Grecian dress that had her name stamped on it.

My sister came all the way from NYC just to shop at our sanctuary.

photo 2

photo 5

This is Nini, our love pet.

photo 1

Clients enjoying hand massages with our aromatherapy body luxury

photo 2

Our male shoppers getting a sampling of our body luxury.

photo 1

Our guestbook….positive and enlightening.

photo 2

Young shoppers in our sanctuary on Halloween.

photo 3

Photographer Brian Rayford loving the positive energy in our space.

photo 4

Another shopper with her son. The smell of our space is calming for him.

photo 5

Oh how much I adore these women!


Eileen Nelson of Worth New York enjoyed her make-up experience.


Gayela Bynum of We Will Survive Cancer loved her tu-anh bag.


Goddess Kiara is a wonderful hostess.


My girl power fashionista DJ Heather Femia.


A glimpse into our boutique.


I like being surrounded by strong fashionable women with personality.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Old Town, tu-anh!

  1. Tu-anh! You are amazing! Yes… I’m residing your posts months after! Must interview you of how you went from dream, vision to reality. So, so proud of you! Tell me when you may have 45 minutes for an interview on a saturday… early or late or Sunday times. Dee Taylor-Jolley, M.Ed. COO, Willie Jolley Worldwide

    CLO, Jolley University

    “Helping People Worldwide Do More, Be More and Achieve More!” P.O. Box 55459 Washington, DC 20040 Office: (202) 723-8863 Email: dee@williejolley.com Fax: (202) 722-1180 http://www.williejolley.com

    • Dee, You are too kind with your words. I am happy to participate in whatever you need of me. Happy New Year! I will reach out when I return to the sanctuary next week. Happy New Year! Love, tu-anh

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