Young Tokyo Fashion: Can You Be Sexy Without Revealing It All?

When it comes to Japanese fashion for young gals in their teens and early 20’s, what do you think of?  I don’t know about you, but for me, I think of Harajuku girls, Halloween-style costumes, punk and goth looks, or maybe avant garde meets rock-n-roll…or what about just made-up living dolls!  And can we talk about the hair?  Blue, green, purple, bleach blonde – no color is off limits.  Well, these assumptions were all based on what I see featured in the pages of magazines or other media outlets. Boy, was I wrong!

Recently, after a business trip to Hong Kong hosted by Dr. Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting, I took some time off to visit Tokyo for some inspiration to jumpstart my work next year, especially in the area of fashion.  To my surprise, I now understand why so many people are attracted to Japanese fashion, especially for the young and the restless.

Although you will see everything I listed above all over Tokyo, especially in Shibuya and surrounding areas, I chose to look for styles that are pleasing to my eyes and somewhat surprisingly, that turned out to be the majority of what I saw many young sassy gals wearing.  They were using their clothes and accessories to express their creative, fun, and feminine naughty girlish personalities.  Their styles were playful, accidentally alluring, and innocently seductive. The best part to me was that they could carry it off tastefully and with sex appeal without revealing it all or – shall I say – without sporting skintight looks and exposing muffin tops and more…

So I think that our American teens and young women can use some fashion tips from the Japanese gals.  Their style is tasteful and feminine.  That, I definitely think is sexy!  No wonder so many Western men I know love Japanese women 🙂  Check out the photos below I snapped with my iPhone during my stay in Tokyo.  For more photos on Japanese Fashion, check out my Facebook fan page, too!  Next week, I will discuss Japanese Lingerie. How exciting!


Had so much fun with these gals at Honey Bunch boutique.


On a Sunday afternoon in front of Sensoji Temple


These boots are popular and don’t ask me how she can go shopping in them and walk around the city for hours.  I used to do that when I was in my 20’s, too!


Here’s an example of naughty innocent doll-like style at Tokyo Station.


Taken at one of the department stores. What a great simple cool look!


I bought 3 pairs of high heel boots from this gal.  Finally found a store that has my size.  Apparently, 6.5 shoe size is considered medium/large there. How embarrassing!  And by the way, short shorts and mini are very popular there at the moment.


I like this cute look! And they dress for their age, too!

2 thoughts on “Young Tokyo Fashion: Can You Be Sexy Without Revealing It All?

  1. Loved this blog about Tokyo fashion. Dispelled some of my own stereotypes as well. Whatever ones opinion is of the style the women/ young girls seem to own their style.

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