Let Him Lead The Dance!

Letting my swing dance partner Dakota lead. Photo: Saigon Stars Band member, Huynh Minh-Hai.

How do you spend your Friday nights?  I often spend mine dancing for sure!  Dancing not only makes me feel confident and sexy, it also makes my mind and body feel alive and my root chakra balanced.  As you know, when this chakra is healthy, we feel confident in who we are, stable in life, and powerful in spirit.  Well, at least for me I do!

Photo: Saigon Stars Band member, Huynh Minh-Hai. My salsa performance with a friend, Louis.

Dancing is a way for me to express my sensuality and allow my inner divine feminine to come out and play. Partner dancing is my favorite because it is when I can feel safe to let go and just let the titan take charge, which is so refreshing because I am often leading in my life. Besides, if you would like to attract a confident sexy titan who can take the lead when he is called for duty, then you must get in the practice of letting go and just following his lead! And when you dress up and look good, you also will feel good and that will do a lot for your self confidence! Believe me, when you are confident and joyful, that energy is so contagious! You are doing the world good when you have high self esteem!


One extra word of advice to my titans and goddesses: if you would like to improve your relationship in the bedroom, try adding dancing to your workout or as a hobby. Please trust me on this one, why don’t you? (smiles) Hope you like the photos of my dance performances from my recent family reunion party at the Westin Alexandria. Oh and that party was so much fun! More on that in a later post. So I hope you will join me out dancing one Friday night with my goddesses and experience the  Ecstasy for yourself! xoxo… ~tu-anh


Don’t be afraid, he will catch you! Photo by Frank Nguyen.

Top 5 Books To Inspire You

Ever since I had the opportunity to receive my formal education beginning in the 5th grade, and to learn English in the process, reading has been a daily must for me.  I am a perpetual student of life, and I just cannot get enough of reading or learning new things.  If I can find a free second between work, nature walks, pampering myself at a spa-like experience, doing yoga, and dancing, I love to take a quiet break from the fast moving world and settle in to read something inspiring.

I love all kinds of books, but my favorite books are the ones that teach me something new or inspire my creativity and inner goddess. If I ever decide to take one month off from the world, you know I would be somewhere on a Greek Island under the sun and by the water with books all around me!

Here are some inspirational book “must haves” for you to add to your library. All of these books are available in our goddess sanctuary in Old Town, Alexandria and also on our website!

Chasers of The Light is a beautifully passionate book of poetry which absolutely stole my heart the moment I opened it for the first time last year when my style goddess Julianne shared with me. The titan author, Tyler Knott Gregson, describes feelings of love in such a deep, pure, and hopelessly romantic way. Can you guess which poem is my favorite? I would love to meet him in person one day.

givingtreeThe Giving Tree, though considered a children’s book, teaches me something new each and every time I read it. Although I have read it hundreds of times to myself, my students, my clients, friends and family, and lots of little children, I still cannot get through to the end without getting somewhat emotional about it. It is an important reminder to all of us who are always giving that we must also give to ourselves or we will be left without anything more to give.

datedThis book, If the Buddha Dated, was originally given to me as a gift from one of our goddess fans. After reading it, I wish that I knew about this book before I got married. Well, everything that happened was meant to happen anyway. It is now part of our permanent book collection in our sanctuary. I think the tools and wisdom offered in this book are perfect for the single goddesses and titans looking to be in a serious and loving romantic relationship. Definitely not your average dating book – it’s much deeper than that.

5loveIf you want to be in a great relationship with anyone, you must be willing to learn to express your appreciation in a way that the other person will understand and embrace. Not everyone speaks the same love language. Have you read this book to find out what your main love language is? I used this as a resource when I was teaching and it really helped me to connect with my students. The 5 Love Languages helps us all to connect with one another better. I believe that when we understand each other and combine that with great communication, our relationships improve tremendously and are happier as a result.

gratitudeHere is the secret of why fear and worries are rarely present in my thoughts: I never forget to write in my Gratitude Journal, even when on travels. It is part of my daily morning coffee ritual. Nothing is more important than centering my world each morning and focusing on the things in life for which I am incredibly grateful. Doing this daily helps me to keep focusing on all the things that God and the Angels continue to bless me with, as well as reminding me to be more present and emotionally available to the people whom I care for so deeply.

How is your summer going so far? What are some of your favorite books? Please share!

Protect Your Skin With Hat Glamour!



This classic Titan made in Mexico hat is one of my favorites.

Hats are the perfect accessory to enhance your beautiful goddess glamour while protecting your skin from the harsh sun as you bask in its light this summer or any season.

I love spending the long days of summer gardening, taking nature walks with Nini, and relaxing on or by the water to rejuvenate my soul. Keeping my skin youthful, glowing, and healthy is, of course, always a priority. Wide-brimmed sun hats and fedoras alike are the perfect solution to my dilemma, as they add a touch of classic Hollywood style while providing the shade I need. I can’t help but feel like a movie-screen goddess when I put on a fabulous hat or stylish big sunglasses.:)

Have you seen our hat collection that I brought back from Italy and Mexico recently?  Come by our sanctuary in Old Town, Alexandria and try them on for yourself. If you live across the country or on the other side of the globe, we have them available online for you to purchase. Happy sunny summer days, my beautiful ones! xoxo. tu-anh


Feeling fresh in cotton dress and hat from our latest Mexican collection!


Sometimes simple and elegant is the best.


Dressing in style should be effortless, fabulous, and comfortable. Find this hat here!


Travel to Mexico or anywhere in the world with this hat! Click here more more!