Allow Your Heart to Grow, Virgos!

Virgos love animals and nature.

Virgos love animals and nature.

Happy belated birthday, Virgos! If you are like me and into Astrology and the Zodiac signs, then you know there is definitely some truth to that! My post today is about Virgos, both titans and goddesses. There are several reasons why I am inspired to write this post; the most important reason is for the many Virgos clients that we attract to our goddess sanctuary.

Here is a quick education about Virgos based on my personal experience with both the goddesses and titans I work with and that are in my life.

Virgo is an earth sign born between August 23 and September 22. They are generally very compatible with other Earth signs like my Taurus self and Capricorns. The water signs of Pisces and Cancers are compatible with Virgos.

Most of the Virgos in my life are very intelligent, very analytical, very organized, very detail-oriented, very practical, very efficient, very loyal, very reliable, and very hardworking. They are also sensitive, caring, kind, honest at heart, polished in mannerism, and generous. Like me, they like to take good care of their health and appearance, as well as express their love for all living things (like my Nini Love), the elderly, and the unfortunate.

All the traits above have earned Virgos respect and admiration in their careers and with their friends and family. However, when it comes to their love life, that area requires some attention and effort.

Virgos are perfectionists and are very critical of themselves and of others. It is not so easy to please them or seduce them when it comes to love. They are conservative, private, and shy with their emotions, which can make them come across as uncaring, unemotional, cold, dismissive, stand-offish, and not capable of being passionate. It takes a long time for a Virgo to trust you. They will observe you carefully and take the time to get to know you before they let you into their world. Sometimes, they don’t let you in at all!

Because of their need for structure, routine and being in control of everything, Virgos rarely let go and let loose to just live life in the moment. Their mind is always actively analyzing or thinking about improving or fixing something. This can come across as boring and predictable for those carefree, creative, and spontaneous potential romantic partners.

It seems most Virgos I know are attracted to drama because they like to solve problems and have the desire to rescue a person or situation. For this reason, if they are not self aware, they will attract romantic partners that are less than their equal, need rescuing, or some fine-tuning. Perhaps deep down inside, they are insecure and want a partner who needs them so that they can feel more confident and in control? Or it could be that they do not love and value themselves enough to know their worth and that they deserve better? This, I do not know, and maybe I never will since Virgos do not always express their inner truth and real emotions.

In my opinion, Virgos are very gentle, insightful, sensual, and passionate; rich in emotions; highly sensitive; and full of love and kindness to give to others. The biggest lesson in romance that they must learn is to simply trust and follow their hearts and not allow their over-analytical heads to take over. Most importantly, they must love themselves and know that they are worthy of a wonderful and loving partner who is their balanced equal and opposite complement. They must learn not to settle for good enough, but to only settle for great enough! There is a difference between needs and desires. When Virgos can get in touch with their higher self, they will choose partners that desire them instead of partners who need them.

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo currently or are interested in dating a Virgo, this is a good link to learn more about them:

I hope my dear Virgo readers do not take this post too personally. This is 100% based on my personal experiences and interactions with the ones in my life that I so admire and respect.  I love them all! I am surrounded by them in my life! The message I am trying to share here is for Virgos to allow some space for their heart to grow and explore the journey of love.

Are you a Virgo? I would love to hear you share your thoughts. Until next time.

This is how I feel about Virgos!

Here’s to you, my wonderful Virgos!

Journal Writing is My Medicine


I apologize if my recent post seemed dark, moody, and somewhat emotional. I am in a much better place now. So with the Full Moon in September finishing up, I want to open you up to another powerful way to connect with your higher self: journal writing. It is a holistic approach to traditional therapy, and it really helps you to practice your communication skills, open up your Throat Chakra, and manage depression. Well, at least for me, it does!  When you are able to put your thoughts and desires into words, a lot of miracles and magic will start to manifest in your life.  Journal writing is an incredible holistic way to help you through sadness, guide you through life, and also help manifest your thoughts and desires into reality while being a very meditative and healing activity.

I believe that my very first journal was at age 6 in Vietnam, but of course through all the moving from one place to the next and hiding from the Communists, my journals got lost along the way. So I started again at age 11 here in the United States, but again, because of all the moves, once again, I lost all those journals. Now in my forties and in a much more grounded space in life, I love writing in my journals daily.  It is my way of connecting with my higher self, with God, with the angels, and with the universal energy. It is also my therapy to alleviate any anxiety or depression in my life, which I once a month go through for a few days.  For me, aromatherapy, nature walks with my Nini Love, spending time with my adorable darling nieces,  and writing in my journal are the best forms of medicine. This is why I am rarely under the weather.

As you will see below there is no end to what you can journal about to feel more in tune with your higher self. Not sure where to start or what to write? There is no right or wrong: simply take a few minutes daily with a nice pen and write anything that comes to mind. Don’t over think it. Just start from the bottom of your heart and get in tune with how you feel and then the words will write themselves onto your journal. Why not begin with gratitude? List the things you are grateful for in your life and the rest will flow with ease!  This is also a way for you to get to know yourself and bring you closer to your heart’s desires and manifest your dreams.

We always keep a full stock of inspiring journals in my our goddess sanctuary and lifestyle boutique – see some of my favorites below. And please keep the sharing emails coming. I really appreciate all of that.


I love motivational words!


Great reminder to love yourself!


This is a much more free-flowing format! Write to your heart’s content and be ready for inspiration at the turn of each page.


This is a fun journal full of prompts for both writing and drawing to express yourself! I just opened it up at random to the most beautiful quote that encapsulates my idea of journaling to connect with the universe, “the secret of all is to write in the gush, the throb, the flood, of the moment- to put things down without deliberation- without worrying about their style- without waiting for a fit time or place.” -Walt Whitman

One Door Closes, Another Door Opens…New Moon in Virgo

eyes closing

At the end of a work day when no one is around, I like to close my eyes and just dream in quietness.

When you want something to change in your life really badly, all you have to do is ask!  Are you feeling the energy of this new moon in Virgo today? I have! At least over this past weekend I did. I have been asking the universe to give me signs and clarity for my romantic life. And surely, I got what I asked for. A relationship that has not been emotionally healthy for me finally had closure. I feel so relieved while at the same time hurt and sad, but I am glad that I finally have closure and am able to move on with my life. Don’t get me wrong. I was a hot mess this weekend. For the past few days, I felt like the world had ended. I slept lots and was not very productive at work.

But this morning, I woke up to the energy of this new moon in Virgo and told myself “tu-anh, you need to snap out of it, what happened was meant to be so that you could heal and grow.” And so…I am now out of that darkness and sadness.

In the meantime, I am so excited about my new found emotional freedom. It is the perfect time for me to take charge of my life and get clear about what I want, who I want, and where I want to go. I am learning to slow down and carefully monitoring my thoughts and actions to make sure they all align with my life’s purpose and what I truly stand for…Love, Beauty, Sensuality, Happiness and Truth…

I can feel doors closing and new doors opening around me day by day. I wish, for example, I could share with you a wonderful miracle that happened today at the sanctuary. But for now, I will celebrate this new moon energy and indulge in a therapeutic goddess essential-oils bath with beautiful rose petals floating around me. After tonight, my mind and body will be cleansed and healed from any fears and doubts that have been holding me back from living my most beautiful life.

So here is to new love, new life, and new doors opening! I am so thrilled! And you, will you celebrate this new moon energy along with me tonight?


Solitude is the best medicine for the soul.


They remind me to take time and be still.


Let go and receive the gifts of the universe!